This blog is dedicated to spreading the gospel of Christian Identity, the only TRUE religion and the only religion that can bring SALVATION to the White Race. If you hate White people, or love any of our enemies, you can get your liberal pinko ass out of here, which should be EASY GIVEN THAT YOU'RE GOING TO HELL ANYWAY!

Monday, March 21, 2011

About My Ministry

Since I frequently get questions from White people interested in my Church, and Christian Identity in general, I have put together a short pamphlet with questions and answers about Christian Identity and what my ministry in particular preaches. I will add to it as time goes on. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact me.

Is Christian Identity a joke?

No. People actually believe it. Some of what we believe may seem somewhat extreme, or even nonsensical, but we believe it, despite how bizarre it may seem to others. The more faith required to believe something, the more incredible it is that people actually believe it, and the more likely it is that it is true.

What have you got against Jews?

What don't we have against them? Jews have been responsible for every single war in the world, since it was created six thousand years ago. They invented both Communism and Capitalism, and they've even spread their poison to other planets, stopping thousands of years of human progress in its tracks, and impeding our survival - should we ever want to go to Mars, the Jew will already be there. They killed Jesus, as well, and ever since then they've been trying to undermine the Christian religion, by training as priests and pastors and trying to change our doctrines from the inside.

Please click below for the answers to the rest of the Frequently Asked Questions. Your soul may depend on it!

Are you sure you're not lying?

Yes. Why would I lie?

OK. I hate Jews as much as anyone, but someone from your Church just told me I'm not a true Identity Christian. Why?

First of all, are you sure you hate them enough?

Secondly, are you sure you're not doing anything else we consider sinful - like indulging in homosexual perversions, or miscegenation? At my church, we believe in keeping the White Race pure, as God commanded, so that means no funny business.

Thirdly, saying you hate Jews is not enough. As evil as Jews are, the biggest trick they ever pulled is making the world believe that they are the only people - and indeed, the only objects - capable of spreading misfortune to Aryan Christians everywhere. What about the
Muslims? What about all the spoons which get stuck in people's throats every year, destroying the hopes and futures of countless White children?

Fourthly, some of the more enthusiastic of our congregants do get a little carried away at times.

Yeah, I heard you guys have a thing against spoons. What's that all about?

Spoons are the cutlery of Satan. It's written in the Bible - SPOONS ARE THE CUTLERY OF SATAN, AND ANYONE WHO EATS WITH THEM IS TWICE AS BAD AS THE ONE WHO INVENTED THEM IN THE FIRST PLACE. If you don't believe me, look it up. Spoons are responsible for thousands of deaths every year. They can be used as lethal weapons, and they can lead to fatal accidents. Do you really want this horror, this Trojan horse in your home, waiting to turn on you at any moment?

I eat with a spoon every day and it never does me any harm.

It isn't doing you any harm at the moment, but as soon as you die, you'll go straight to hell for being a filthy spoon-enabler. Trust me on this one - it does not pay to help spoons carry out their sinful tasks. God will hate you for it.

I heard you have like twenty wives or something. Isn't polygamy a sin?

Actually, I only have fourteen wives, and no, it isn't. Plenty of Biblical characters and Christian martyrs had one wife or more, like St Frederick the Frisky. Don't take my word for it - take God's word.

Isn't your church a cult?

No. Members are not brainwashed, join of their own free will, and are free to leave at any time they want, provided, of course, that they set aside for us a small donation, preferably of around ten thousand pounds. That's all that's required, apart from the small monthly deduction we take from every member's credit card, details of which I keep on a central database.

If living according to the rules of God makes us a cult, then plenty of other religious organisations, such as the Scientologists and the Church of Jesus Christ Christian could also be considered cults, too. I would like to take this opportunity to say that anyone repeating the malicious accusation that my church is a cult could face legal action. You have been warned!

You can't be a real Identity Christian as you promote a zionist book on your site. You are a traitor!

Zionism is not the same as Judaism. If we had been promoting a Jewish book, you would have had a point, but we're not. Besides, zionism is helping to destroy the Jews and their so-called religion, so we might as well help it along a little bit, mightn't we? And why shouldn't we learn from the tactics of zionism to prepare for the final battle?

You're making up new books and things that aren't in the Bible.

What are you talking about? These are ancient manuscripts, suppressed by the Satanic Judeo-Masonic Conspiracy that has controlled Christendom for the last 1800 years, prevented from being seen by the world, or they are the continuing work of God through Revelation and Prophecy. It's nothing that other Identity Christians haven't done before. If you are going to call me a liar and a falsifier, making up things to suit my agendas, then call them all liars, too.

Why do you have such a problem with Serbia and Finland? Aren't they White countries as well? I thought they were resisting the New World Order and the Islamisation of Europe?

The filthy, evil Serbs attacked THE AMERICAN EMBASSY. That's a declaration of war on the United States, and with it Britain, (because we're America's greatest and most faithful ally, in case you didn't know). This horrific act will never be forgotten. We have to fight the enemy wherever the enemy is, whether they portray themselves as "white" or not. Besides, our eternal Fuhrer, Adolf Hitler regarded the Serbs as inferior and wanted to kill them all. Aren't you a White Nationalist? If our Great Leader says someone's inferior, then you ought to listen to him and not what the Jew-controlled media tells you, shouldn't you? And the facts PROVE that all Serbs are evil. If they weren't, then why are they hosting that shameless display of debauchery, terrible music and bad haircuts, the Eurovision Song Contest, later this year?

As for Finland. The Finns are possibly the most evil country in Europe, apart from Serbia. For years they have tricked us that the "Scandinavian model" is a worthwhile way to run a country. But do you ever ask what that model is? It is simply a milder version of COMMUNISM, which must be resisted at all costs. The evil Finns have persuaded us that they are "peaceful" and do not involve themselves very much in international relations. But this is simply a cover for their nefarious plans. Among other things, we have uncovered:

A plot to persuade all the world's countries to change their economic system to become like Finland

A Serb/Finnish plot to create Eurodishwashia by bringing inferior Black dishwashers to Europe and causing the deaths of millions of White dishwashers through lack of maintenance and neglect
A conspiracy to change the European Union's name to "Greater Finland" and introduce Finnish as an official language throughout Europe
The secret document, presenting irrefutable proof of this conspiracy, despite being decried as a forgery by the Finnish lobby and their PC shills in the British establishment, "Protocols of the Learned Elders of Helsinki"
A secret plan to bring Britain "closer to Finland" by "improving links between the two countries". What do they mean by this? It MUST be a conspiracy - it's too much of a coincidence!

I'm an Identity Christian, but I have a same sex partner. Would I be welcome in your church?

No. The only place you're welcome is in hell.

I'm sorry, I can't support any of this Christian Identity stuff. It's too racist and hateful. You just seem to hate everyone.

The truth is racist. It's a proven fact that black people have an average IQ of 70. It's a proven fact that the Jews control most of the world's banks and finance. If you're too much of a liberal coward to accept that, then you're going straight to hell. And hate is an emotion granted to us by God, so we might as well use it, and use it as much as possible.

Looks like I've got some things to think about.


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Sunday, November 30, 2008

Dark days are upon us all!

Less than a month ago, Barack HUSSEIN Obama was elected President of the United States. It may have escaped your attention, of course, that Barack HUSSEIN Obama is a Negro. A Negro with a Muslim middle name, and not just any Muslim name, but one belonging to one of the foremost enemies of Western Civilisation, who commands the loyalty of scores of Islamofascist terrorists from beyond the grave.

Darkness is descending upon America, in more than one way. The Jew is gripping that great nation with its iron fingernails (let's face it, being a Negro, Barack HUSSEIN Obama is too stupid to grip it himself). It is time for all Americans who love God and Country to move to Canada.

You know it makes sense. Canada is fast losing its demographic battle. Any assistance from an army of loyal White Patriots is welcome. And there's more snow there than in America - and unless you're Frank Zappa, snow is WHITE.

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Sunday, May 11, 2008

The theory of EVILution is a lie!

For too long, the discredited theory of EVILution, made up by a godless Anglican atheist, has been taught in our schools and even sometimes in our churches as an accepted scientific fact. This shouldn't be happening.

There is so much more evidence for the Biblical account of the creation story than for something some arrogant Victorian man made up. I mean, EVILution isn't even discussed in the Bible. That's all I need to say. No further arguments are necessary.

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Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Hillary Clinton!

Even though it is my firm belief, as demonstrated in the Gospel of St Michael the Misogynistic, that women must be kept out of politics, not to mention out of sight altogether, I am willing to make an exception in Hillary Clinton's case, partly due to the fact that to look at her, and all she has achieved in her career, one would not think that she WAS a woman, just like that other great female leader, Margaret Thatcher, who surely would not have achieved the great heights which she did in crushing those unwashed commoners and the fifth columnist element bent on destroying our nation and introducing communism, without having masculine qualities.

She was married to that great and distinguished leader, Bill Clinton, who even though he was a socialist piece of Jew-loving scum - in more than one way if you get my meaning, redeemed himself with the fight against those pernicious carriers of evil, the worst people, apart from the Jews, the world has ever known, as well as appreciating the truth of the threat from the most uncivilised, savage enemy - who are so unappreciative of our values that they cannot even bring themselves to be grateful to us for all we've done - that the great nation of America has ever faced. I like a woman who sticks by her husband, no matter what he gets up to in the bedroom. It's what I like in a woman - I have to say with the life I've had, I've got little choice but to like anything else.

Unfortunately, Hillary Clinton looks as though she is going to lose to that Muslim "Afro-Caribbean" socialist piece of scum, Barack HUSSEIN Obama, who isn't American and should not be in the country in the first place. Look what happens when you remove segregation in schools, removing the rightful distance between the White Race and its black inferior - what you get is savage immigrants like him, getting into politics. Isn't it awful? The problem is that he'll probably win, and then we'll have to rename America the United States of Eurabia. Everyone knows that a Muslim in the government= a Muslim government. And if there's one thing everyone knows about Muslims, it's the fact that they HATE EVERYONE WHO'S NOT MUSLIM, in direct opposition to Christian Identity, which is a religion of peace and love, as anyone can see by looking at my blog, or on any Christian Identity website. Is there any hate on here? Of course not!

Besides - he's BLACK! Everyone knows black people have lower IQs and as such are incapable of running countries, or doing anything for themselves, without a president doing it for them, as long as that president is white.

Only Hillary can stop this nightmare scenario, in the absence of my great hope for America, Mike Huckabee. After all, John McCain is too much of a spineless pussy to do what needs to be done to protect the American nation from being attacked by terrorists, even if he is Republican.

So vote for Hillary. I can't, I haven't lived in America for years, but I wish I could. If she wins I'll be getting the next ticket back there!

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Boris and Barnbrook in London - perfect!

Imagine my pleasure when I woke up on Sunday morning to discover that Richard Barnbrook, the BNP candidate for the London mayoral elections, had a seat on the London assembly, despite the attempts of the Finnish temptress to discredit him and his party. This, and the fact that Boris Johnson has become the new Mayor of London, has gone some way to restoring my hope that this 11-year era of socialism is finally coming to an end.

Look forward to a London run so much better than that Communist totalitarian state run by Ken Livingstone. Soon, the old Routemasters will be back, but that is not all! Boris also has silly hair and he is really funny, as well as being politically correct and proud of it - picaninnies, watch out! He also went to Eton, so he is quite honestly, far more qualified to run a huge city like London than even I am, due to his cultured upbringing and high intelligence. He is sure to make the 2012 Olympics a roaring success, and will make Britain proud!

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Sunday, May 04, 2008

Are YOU struggling with unwanted homosexual impulses?

Homosexuality is a severe social problem that affects millions of people every year. Left untreated, it can cause severe impairment, damaging one's social life and even one's personality. You might think that as an Identity Christian, you might be immune to it - or hope so. Unfortunately, this is frequently not the case. Many of the most committed members of the White Nationalist movement and the Christian tevelangelist community have, tragically, lost their battle with homosexuality, with terrible consequences.

If you are struggling with the desire to have sex with men if you are a man, or women if you are a woman (although if you're a woman, I don't know what you're doing reading this), you might feel terribly lost and alone. And so you should, you filthy fag. It's people like you who are destroying this country's moral fabric.

However, there is hope, as two of my most devoted parishioners, Edmund and Bruce, have discovered. They used to be gay, until they renounced their sinful ways and bent themselves over to the Rod of God. Here, Bruce tells his amazing story.

I had always known I was gay. My friends would laugh at me for being camp. And I never, ever had a girlfriend except for that one embarrassing time when I was in year 9 and I went out with the ugliest girl in our year for about a week, because I was scared of people finding out. So when Edmund asked me out it felt so right and natural.

We used to go to gay clubs every Friday and Saturday night with our friends, drink copious amounts of alcohol and sing karaoke. It was great fun. If I could, I'd do it all over again.

The weird thing was that Pastor Zach's church was opposite my house! Nobody paid any attention to them, though. Everyone knew they were just a bunch of crazy Christian nutters, and we had one mate whose auntie was a member of it and she was a raving Nazi. One Sunday morning me and Edmund were still drunk, we'd stayed up all night having "fun" if you know what I mean, and so we decided to go to Pastor Zach's church for a laugh.

Well, we've never stopped laughing since. We now go once every month, and I can quite honestly say that he has fully persuaded Edmund and I to give up our sinful lifestyles. We only go to the pub on Friday now and instead of crossing the road to avoid Pastor Zach like we used to, we now say hello and wave at him in the street.

Thanks, Zach, for giving us hours of entertainment!

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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

What happened to Snappy?

A year ago I posted about my dog, Snappy, who had run away from our home, too much of a lily-livered coward to participate in our ministry. Me and some of the members of my family (many of whom have now left me, sadly) went to go and buy another dog, but unfortunately due to the nature of the liberal cowards who ran the Dogs' Home, were unable to buy one. Perhaps this was a good thing.


We can see several similarities between the Jews and the dogs who've supposedly been "rescued" by organisations like the Dogs Trust and Battersea Dogs Home. Could these so-called "rescue centres" be hiding a dark secret? Let's examine the evidence.

Rescue Dogs - Are they secretly Jewish?

Jews and Rescue Dogs - both "persecuted"

Jews have been targetted throughout history for their strange food, blasphemous beliefs and perverse customs. Barely a day goes by without some incidence of "anti-Semitism" in the world.

Rescue dogs are also, allegedly, the victims of "cruelty" - that's why they are RESCUED. However we need to look at this word "rescue" with all its emotional connotations. Why is debate about this issue so biased towards the animal? What is wrong with letting a dog stay in such conditions? Why the need for such emotional language?

Jews and Rescue Dogs - both maintain a stranglehold over the media

How many times are we told in the media "not to be cruel to animals" and that "dogs die in hot cars"? How many animal rescue programmes are we being treated to on a daily basis? Watching the slanderous portrayal of our great nation and its so-called "cruelty to animals", one might almost imagine that dogs were being sliced to death on every street corner.

There are so many examples of organisations devoted to dogs' welfare and we are always being berated with dog-loving propaganda saying that "Britain is a nation of dog lovers". Is it? Well, nobody asked me!

A similar phenomenon can be seen with "anti-semitism". Need I say more?

Jews and Dogs - both have long noses

This should be reason enough for anyone to suspect a racial similarity between the Jews and our supposed "best friends". Does nobody find that the length of the nose of the average dog bears more than a passing resemblance to that of our Semitic cousins? WHY IS THIS FACT NEVER MENTIONED?

Jews and Rescue Dogs - both seem "nice" then turn around and bite you!

I need hardly go into the number of occasions on which Jews have betrayed those they claimed were their friends, how many wars they've started, how many Aryan children they've roasted for Passover, all the while claiming that they are "innocent". A similar phenomenon can be seen with dogs. How many times have we heard the relentless propaganda of the elite saying in a grotesque parody of 1984, without any evidence, that "dogs are man's best friend"?

Tell that to the people who have been bitten. Tell that to the countless innocent citizens who have been quietly walking only to be jumped on, with muddy paw prints left all over their clothes. Tell that to the people who have experienced sleepless nights due to inconsiderate, dog-loving neighbours. Tell that to the people whose sleep has been disturbed by their own "best friend" howling away in the kitchen.

Some "best friend" dogs are. With friends like these, who needs enemies?

Jews appear to worship God. Dogs appear to worship you.

Yet it is obvious to all that the Jew does not worship God but only money, just as it should be obvious to all that dogs have a black heart and do not worship their human "owners" for their own sake, but rather only to earn their favour, so everyone will say "Oh, what a sweet little doggie!" and be more likely to take them for walks, thereby entrenching them further into their home and parasitically sponging off their wages, food and hospitality. Sound familiar? It should do - this is exactly the same process the Jew uses to systematically enslave the host nation.

Especially "rescue" dogs - their so-called terrible past, just like the Jews' "centuries of persecution" is simply a hoax designed to make us lesser mortals sympathise with them even more and even excuse their wrongdoings.

Besides, the slavish treatment dogs reserve for their owners is pure blasphemy. Every Christian should agree.

Jews hide their religion. Dogs hide their religion.

Why do so many Jews change their names to other, less Jewish ones? Is it because they don't want people to know their "dirty little secret"? And why is it frequently so hard to get Jews to admit they're Jewish? These questions could be covered in another post, but the same applies to dogs. When do you ever hear a dog saying what religion they are - come to think of it, when do you ever hear a dog saying anything at all? When are religion and dogs even mentioned together in the same sentence - apart from when one of them dies? Dare I suggest that the reason for this is because the dogs might be Jewish as well?

What is to be done?

Boycott all dog food, all dog products (brushes, bowls, rawhide chews etc), avoid dog breeders - and tell your Christian friends and family to do the same! Above all, do not repeat my mistake and actually buy a dog, because they're Jewish! Would you let a Jew into your home if they were human? No, so why would you deliberately get a dog when all the evidence points to them being Jewish as well?

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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The secret history of World War II that THEY don't want you to know!

I have just been informed by a revisionist friend of the horrific actions of the Soviets during the Finnish-Soviet War in 1939-1940, during which the Soviets aimed to gain control of a Finnish lake in order to take advantage of the sexual proclivities of the Finns for their secret sperm-freezing facility, so that they might use it to out-breed the Aryan race in Europe.

This fact leads me to conclude what I have thought for a long time - that there is so much about World War 2 and the preceding years that has been buried in the mists of time and anyone who attempts to view the war differently from the Judeo-Communist perspective is commonly referred to as a "Nazi", or, ironically for the greatest defenders of political correctness, who claim, falsely, that the PC powers that be's desecration of our language is only about politeness, even a "cunt".

How many people know, for example, that our Fuhrer's liberation of Czechoslovakia was carried out for humanitarian purposes, in order to put a stop to the appalling crimes of evil, inferior Czech peasants, plotting and scheming away in their barns? And how many people know that our Fuhrer did not want war, but in fact had no choice but to fight back in desperation against a well-armed Poland, in view of the attack by the Polish armed forces on a German radio station? Why have these facts been literally erased from the historical record?

If our Fuhrer had been alive today, there would be no doubt that he would be praised for his efforts in fighting the war on terror - especially in apprehending the perpetrators of the Reichstag Fire, which attempted to sabotage and destroy the premises of a democratically elected government. Adolf Hitler did his best to restore public order, and was a man of peace, extending a hand of friendship even to his enemies. Why, then, is he so vilified? I shouldn't even have to ask, should I?

If only Adolf Hitler had succeeded in his struggle for a safer world. Then, perhaps we would not see people swearing in the streets, see buildings being tagged with graffiti, or witness the kinds of scenes we are all used to in town centres at the weekends. Maybe we would see a world where everyone, especially the teenagers, behaved in a more orderly, respectful manner than what we have become accustomed to. We will never find out now.

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Monday, April 28, 2008

Another victim of the Finnish horror

Richard Barnbrook, the BNP candidate for the London mayoral election, has been tempted into committing an iniquitous act of adultery. Not only that, but it seems that the "woman" in question was a Finnish she-demon, in further proof of the evil nature of that worthless country. Unsurprisingly the Jew media are all over this story, in a desperate attempt to discredit the unstoppable march of the BNP.

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Friday, April 25, 2008

Further proof of the Satanic origin of the so-called "teachers' strike"

The Liberal Democrats have called for teachers to sign a no-strike agreement. Quite right too!

My latest research suggests that anyone associating with the organisation, the so-called "National Union of Teachers" may need to seriously reconsider their position, or worse.

Let's look at those words, the National Union of Teachers. It's usually abbreviated to "NUT", right?

How many letters are in that abbreviation? There are three letters. With the "of" it would be four, "NUoT". However, the "of" usually is left out. So what number do you get if you add 3 and 3 together - 3+4-1? We get 6.

Do you see where this is going?

Now, let's look at each word in full - the word "national", for instance. There's nothing wrong with that word - because if we add three more letters to it, we get "nationalism". However, "national" has seven letters in it, and if we were to add another three letters, N, U, T, to "nationalism" we'd end up with "nationalismNUT" - a word which has thirteen letters in it. 13!

What's 13 times 6? 78. If we take away 1 from 6 and add one to 8, then we end up with 69, a number with highly inappropriate connotations, especially for a teachers' union that is supposed to be educating our children. One wonders what they are educating them in. Pornography?

Now, let's look at that word "union". If it reminds you of trade unions, as in GODLESS COMMUNISTS, that's because that's what they are. But anyway. There are five letters in "union". If we add 3 to it, we get 8. 8 is a multiple of 2. If we take 2 away from 8, we get 6 again. And if we add 5 to 6, we get 11. 11 and 2 are 13.

How about the word "of"? You will remember that without the word "of" there would be three words in the whole thing, and 3 times 2 is another 6. So far, we've had three 6's, and any God-fearing Christian should know what that means. But there is more. What is 3 times 6? It's 24. If we take away 1 from 24, we get 23, a number which has heavy assocations with the Illuminati.

Finally, about that word "teachers". There are seven letters in it, rather like the word "national" that also has seven letters. If we add seven and seven together we get fourteen. What's wrong with that? Quite a lot, actually - not least the fact that if we take one letter away, leaving us with the word "teacher", we get 13 again. Then there's the fact that if we put seven and three together to make 37, this can be multiplied by three again to make 111.

3 times 111 = 666.

Aryan Christians, are these the people you want running your schools?

Think about it.

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Thursday, April 24, 2008

Why doesn't someone think of the children?

Left-wing extremism is a cancer upon society, as has been surely proved today by the fact that the National Teachers' Union decided to jeopardise the future of GREAT BRITISH children by staging a strike across most of the country. How selfish can they possibly get, especially when it is OUR CHILDREN'S future at stake.

The PC Communist ed-jew-cation system has managed to persuade these so-called teachers that they somehow deserve to take a day off work, at the expense of the hard-working GREAT BRITISH taxpayer and the future of this nation, after years of "educating" the future of our race about the virtues of multi-culturalism, as in the song "Baa Baa Rainbow Sheep". The overwhelming evidence is that they do not deserve to play Russian roulette with our children's lives in this disgraceful manner.

After all, just one day off school could make a crucial difference in the life of your child. In the time that your child spent off school today, they could have wandered to the shops and been abducted by gangs of paedophiles, rather than learning valuable lessons. This could have been a crucial day in your child's education, but instead it was squandered, and your child's future has become another victim on the false altar of communism, putting them and their entire lives at risk.

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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

FOREIGNERS - How to spot them!

We live in dangerous times.

GREAT BRITAIN is having her culture, her way of life and her very existence threatened by a bewildering array of enemies, old and new. Who could not fail to be horrified at the sight of Islamic hordes engrossed in the evil act of buying baklava and samosas from their so-called "corner shops", or the Polish bread that seems to be springing up like poisonous mushrooms on every supermarket shelf?

Only a left-wing activist could remain unmoved by such travesties, by people bent on destroying our glorious island nation. Yet time and time again, we are persuaded by ZOG, that shadowy elite that controls everything that we do, that there is nothing to worry about, that letting immigrants live in your town, in your street, or even WALK PAST YOUR HOUSE is a normal, natural state of affairs. How could we have fallen victim to such multi-culturalist propaganda?

Sometimes, you cannot even tell who these alien invaders of our territory are, since they do not look obviously "different" and have even STOLEN OUR ACCENTS in some cases. How, then, do we distinguish them from the respectable GREAT BRITISH citizen?

Read on!

How to Spot a Foreigner: Our Handy Guide

In our extensive research into this important subject, we have determined that the following are all characteristics of the alien invader:

  • Speaks funny.
    This is the most important factor in determining whether someone is GREAT BRITISH or from...somewhere else. Of course, this test is not 100% accurate, and many foreigners have been able to decieve nationalist British comrades by the disgraceful act of stealing the GREAT BRITISH accent. And some of our own racial comrades have been reduced to speaking in a "strange" manner by the machinations of our enemies, or by unfortunate accidents of birth.
  • Wears odd clothes.
    (However, by "odd", we don't mean like this, obviously. )
  • Is called something weird.
  • Eats strange food.
  • Doesn't go to Church.
    (At least, not our church. They'd never be allowed in).
  • Has a large number of family members in other countries.
    Isn't it suspicious that someone would have parents and grandparents in, say, Georgia, if they weren't actually Georgian themselves, and therefore foreign? This doesn't apply to any of our honoured white British citizens who go to live in France or Spain, but if someone has family members still living in the Caribbean, or South Africa, or Poland, serious questions need to be asked about their racial integrity.
  • Lives in another country.
    If they live in another country, speak a different language and eat different food then they're almost certainly foreign, or at the very least a filthy traitor to the Anglo-Saxon race. However, since they're not in GREAT BRITAIN it's not necessary to worry about them taking over our heritage so much, although we should keep eternal vigilance anyway, just in case.

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A medical expert answers your questions!

At the Apostolic Sacred Heart Church of Eternal Spiritual Warfare, we held a short question and answer session this Sunday with a doctor from the Christian Identity community, Brother Dwayne de Blessit, from a neighbouring Identity Church. He spoke about the difference between Christian and Jew medicine, which is purely based on so-called science and entirely ignores the will of God. We are most honoured to have been blessed with the presence of such a righteous brother in faith and in race. As a tribute, we have collected some of the questions and answers into the format of an interview. Enjoy, and may you learn something from his God-given wisdom!

Brother Dwayne, why did you become a doctor?

I've always loved cutting up things. Small animals, mostly. I've always loved a challenge, as well. Organs and delicate surgery presented a little bit more of a challenge to me than the usual dead mice and insects that I was used to from my days as a bored, lonely Nazi teenager, and of course one of my great heroes has always been Dr Mengele.

What advice would you give to Identity Christians wishing to go into the medical profession?

Medicine isn't as hard as everyone says it is. Nobody gets it right the first time, that's why it's called "practicing medicine". Don't be afraid of fiddling around a bit. You can't go too wrong. If you know, the worst happens, and you kill someone, just remember that you're doing our people a favour. After all, National Socialism ... it's all about the survival of the fittest, and...God...God often tends to ... dislike sick people.

Can you talk about the difference between Jewish and Aryan medicine?

Yes, the Jews base their medicine on a scientific approach. I'm sure that Pastor Zach - that your pastor has plenty to say about science. Modern science, and modern biology in particular, promotes the theory of evolution, which is basically a Jewish, Satanist plot to ... to stop people believing in God. In Jesus. In everything we believe in, apart from the survival of the fittest, but ummm...umm. Yeah. Anyway. No, our medicine is based on a faith-based approach. We basically just put our faith in the idea that the patient is going to recover, or not, if they're Jewish of course, as the case may be, and then...we hope for the best.

What treatments do you find are the most successful?

Well, one of the most successful, I've found, is faith healing. Now, what happens in faith healing is that I place my hands on whatever part of the body is injured, or wherever the problem is, and pray to God that the Jew - and Satan, who have between them, no doubt caused the person's illness - are punished, and their reign of terror comes to a speedy end. Sometimes, I've got that slightly wrong, and prayed that the person themselves came to a speedy end, by mistake. That minor slip on my part doesn't always go down well, especially when that's what happens. It proves what a powerful tool prayer can be, though.

Another treatment I use is to go by the lunar cycle. Now, I know Pastor Zach has his own opinion on the moon, but I think that the lunar cycle has been incredibly useful in Aryan Christian medicine. I mean, when a woman comes to me with a problem, all I do is look at my chart of phases of the moon, lean forward towards her, and ask her if she has a period. She's usually cured by then, as can be seen by the fact that every woman I've used this treatment on starts shouting at me as soon as I've said it, showing how vigorous and healthy just a few simple words can make someone.

Do you ever use magnets? How about crystals?

Yes, I do, I use both of those things. I am a great believer in alternative therapies. If you don't have the right magnetic field, or if the magnetic field isn't aligned properly, it can all sorts of problems. For example, I once saw a young man whose internal balance was obviously so disturbed, that he started calling me a fraud, and shouting at me. For a moment I was worried that he could have become possessed. So I...I have a large magnet that I obtained from an elderly man in Switzerland, and I positioned it, vigorously, onto my young man's head, about three or four times, until all the energy was completely realigned. He slept quite soundly after that. So soundly that he hasn't actually woken up yet, which I feel is such a positive thing, as he has obviously found a great deal of peace within himself.

How do you tell if someone is possessed, Brother Dwayne? I'm worried Satan might have got to my husband.

In general, there are a few signs that really indicate when someone might be suffering possession by demons. So if your husband's a bit more irritable than usual, or he's changed his behaviour, or he's wandering around town with "666" written on his forehead, then that might be a bit of a cause for concern, although that, of course, is the advanced stage of possession. It might just be as simple as finding that he's watching an 18-rated movie. That's often the first indication.

If you want to get more medical advice from Brother Dwayne, please contact the Pastor at and he will pass your message onto him. God bless!

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Sunday, April 20, 2008

A defender of the truth speaks out!

It is our Fuhrer, Adolf Hitler's birthday today, a day which should be set aside for celebration and reflections upon the life of this great man, but unfortunately for National Socialists across the world, has now become a time of persecution and despair. A respectable figure at one of Britain's top universities, the venerable Nicholas Kollerstrom, is being cruelly persecuted by left-wing extremists for daring to tell the truth about the so-called holocau$t, which as you will probably know is that Jewish plot to decieve the world about the six million Jews who supposedly "died" during our glorious Fuhrer's sacred campaign to purify Germany, as well as Europe, of its undesirable elements, a noble task, made especially difficult due to the fact that the Germans, well, they're not British, are they? They're foreign, so naturally, most of them will be undesirable.

It wasn't just Jews of course, according to the filth who want to desecrate the memory of our sacred Fuhrer, but many other races cursed by the Lord. It's no coincidence that the other so-called victims of Nazism include the gypsies, that lazy, good for nothing, subhuman race, only good for selling pegs on the roadside and trying to steal people's swans, that evil race of savage Serbs and their Russian friends who tried to TURN THE WHOLE WORLD COMMUNIST, and, last but not least, HOMOSEXUALS. Not content with trying to infiltrate the Nazi party, this evil group of mincing queers had to then whine about how they were "persecuted", sullying the great and noble name of the SS. How dare they rub salt into the wounds of a defeated National Socialism by claiming that they, not the heroes who did everything to stop this horror, were fighting on the side of righteousness, and then displaying their true goal, by destroying the sacred institution of marriage, sixty years after the war had ended?

Can you imagine a worse group of "allies" in the world than this? Given the outrages that they have perpetrated on the world, it is no surprise at all that the Nazi party wanted to defend Germany! Why, just the other day, I saw a most distasteful sight, as I drove past a park with caravans parked in it, and a few plastic bags littered on the floor. And left-wing extremists view HITLER as bad? What about this burgeoning environmental catastrophe? Had he not been so prematurely stopped, he might have saved us all from a tidal wave of pollution caused by the gypsy menace!

Is it really any surprise that this collection of unworthy and inferior people want to insult our glorious Fuhrer's memory by saying that instead of a divine mission of self-defence to rid the world of our enemies, what happened was not only unnecessary, but "evil"? How can you call a campaign to "fight against the Jew and do the will of the Lord" evil - I mean Adolf Hitler was doing the will of God, so that cannot be evil! He said so himself! Are we living in 1984 here, when you cannot even express admiration for Hitler without being called a Nazi? I am a proud supporter of the Nazis, but that is beside the point. The point is that I might not want people to necessarily know that, and neither might Mr Kollerstrom, given the politically correct stranglehold that opponents of that great fight for the salvation of Europe have upon our society. This outrageous persecution is simply a violation of free speech, which the wonderful Adolf Hitler would never have tolerated, given his commitment to justice for all.

He would simply have put those responsible for this fascist outrage into a forced labour camp where they belonged, where they could not ruin the lives and reputation of the brave warriors who are simply trying to speak their admiration for this amazing, misunderstood man. When the great day dawns, these people will be given the punishment they deserve for tarnishing the image of a group of upright, honest statesmen who led Germany and its allies to the best of their ability before being tragically defeated before they could finish what they felt they were called to do.

Heil Hitler!

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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

First your dishwasher - then the world!

Is there no end to the tragic genocide cruelly imposed on White dishwashers? The latest Dishwasher Preservation Society report thinks not. If this horror is not stopped, instead of your dishwasher, it could be you or even your child, drowning in soapy water and unable to cry out as you have sharp implements poked inside your sensitive parts by some foreign immigrant in a crude attempt at "maintenance". Their latest report gives no doubt that Eurodishwashia is on its way, and our functional, efficient White dishwashers will be its first victims, as well as evidence that White dishwashers are superior to Blacks.

Dishwasher Preservation Society Update

A comparison of two reviews, that of the Black dishwasher, and the White Compact dishwasher SKT5102, reveals an interesting fact that the Political Correctness lobby have been trying to conceal for many years. Out of 67 customer reviews, our White dishwasher gained four ticks out of a possible five, whereas from 29 customer reviews, the Black dishwasher scored only three and a half ticks out of five, giving a strong indication that the White dishwasher works far more efficiently and is a far better dishwasher overall than its Black counterpart.

The enemies of our dishwashers would like to portray White and Black dishwashers as being equal. This is the biggest lie in the history of household appliances, as the customer reviews clearly show. What is wrong with coming out and admitting the truth - White dishwashers are superior? What is it that everyone, the Jewish lobby in particular, is so desperate to hide? Some naive, "anti-racist" readers of this page will reply that since the same dishwasher is produced in a variety of different colours, that this proves our theory incorrect. Nothing could be further than the truth.

And in any case, what is wrong with being proud to have a White dishwasher? What's wrong with wanting all the household appliances in one's house to be White? Surely if there is consistency it means that the kitchen will look better overall? Even one Black dishwasher, with a White washing machine, a White stove, and a White microwave and fridge may spoil the decor of the whole area, and end up casting doubt on the taste of the person who created such a scene. Why are we so frightened of admitting this? What are we so scared of? Have we lost all our pride - how come dishwashers can be produced in so many different colours, but when someone wants to buy a White dishwasher, it is accused of looking "boring"?

Let's compare the prices of these dishwashers. If we do so, we discover something rather interesting. The first White dishwasher from Kelkoo is worth £359.00 overall, whereas an apparently "identical" Black dishwasher is worth £369.00, clearly implanting messages in people's minds that because it is Black, it is "worth more", and encouraging people to think that it will be of a superior quality, despite all the evidence being to the contrary. WHY ARE THEY DOING THIS?

Eurodishwashia will be a reality in a few years unless the White race WAKE UP and STOP buying Black dishwashers, stop throwing White dishwashers away, even if they don't work, and encourage all of our friends and family to do the same, otherwise it won't just be our dishwashers' future at stake, but ours too.

The only "power" in your dishwasher should be WHITE POWER!

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The war against spoons continues.

Today, myself and several other God-fearing Christians travelled to a silverware shop, W. Wrights in Sheffield, in protest at their latest Satanic invention, which has just appeared on their website, in what seems a deliberate, revolting attempt to mock the Lord and HIS servants. We held banners saying "SPOONS = SATAN'S CULTLERY" and "HAVE YOU SPOONED ANYONE TODAY, MR WRIGHT?", "IF YOU CHOKE ON A SPOON, GOD WILL LAUGH" as well as many others. We will picket any homeware or silverware stores that sell spoons. As part of our new, more assertive policy, our Church will now picket any event, whether they are weddings, funerals, state banquets or children's birthday parties, where spoons are likely to be used or displayed in any way.


Hell, yeah!

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Monday, April 14, 2008

The Elders of Antarctica

Over the last few days, I have been researching an often-neglected subject, but a very important one if we are to truly understand the workings of the world today. Inspired by the recent book, released by the GREAT British government, Protocols of the Elders of Antarctica, I decided to see for myself how much of a stranglehold International Penguinry really holds over our media and culture.

The idea of a clique of small, flightless birds holding the rest of the world hostage and bending the nations of the world to their will would be funny if it was in a science fiction book, or even in a comic book (provided that comic didn't contain any un-Christian words, like "horror" or messages promoting un-chaste behaviour, of course). But it is no sci-fi fantasy. It is actually happening NOW.

Almost unnoticed, a small, well-financed penguin lobby and their supporters have put out hundreds of documentaries, films, television programmes and even children's books (someone think of the children!) all designed to portray themselves in a positive light. There are literally hundreds of examples of this type of propaganda, the most notorious being the TV show "Pingu".

The Elders of Antarctica use propaganda programmes like Pingu to brainwash young minds and teach them several lessons.

One of them is, of course, that penguins and their behaviour are a role model for young children, a supposedly "harmless" and "cute" animal. Another one is that different races - or even different species - are capable of living together and even playing together, as Pingu and Robbie the Seal do. A third lesson is that men and women are equal, as Pingu and his friend Pinga always demonstrate by playing the same games and doing the same things, rather than Pinga staying at home and Pingu going out to work.

And look at the colouring of the penguin. It is both black and white, implying that International Penguinry wishes to obliterate distinctions between races, that colouring doesn't matter. After all, it doesn't matter to penguins, so why should it matter to us?

With these things in mind, a horrifying picture begins to emerge. The Elders of Antarctica are trying to brainwash our youngest and most vulnerable citizens, in order to destroy the White Race. And they have been enormously successful, and have even managed to get well-respected environmentalists, such as David Attenborough, to work as shills for their terrible goals, proving how successful the propaganda campaign has been.

There have been no fewer than twelve (and probably many more) films with a penguin-related theme, proving how deeply the acceptance of International Penguinry pervades our popular culture.

The Adventures of Scamper the Penguin
Batman Returns
Farce of the Penguins
Good Luck Chuck
Happy Feet
Madagascar (film)
The Madagascar Penguins in a Christmas Caper
Madagascar: The Crate Escape
March of the Penguins (which in its title, betrays the penguin lobby's real goal)
The Pebble and the Penguin
Surf's Up (film)

The only film which truthfully portrays the evil nature of these vile creatures is The Wrong Trousers, and even then the creators of this film had their entire set destroyed by a fire, showing the lengths to which the forces of International Penguinry are prepared to go in silencing their critics.

Their stranglehold on the world's governments can be seen in no uncertain terms by the fact that the infamous Antarctic Treaty was brought into force in 1959, ostensibly to protect "the fragile environment of Antarctica" - but really, to protect penguins. Is it really such a coincidence that there are so many films and documentaries about penguins, that they occupy such a priveleged position in society, and that an international treaty has been rigorously upheld, specifically to protect them? I think not!

And how despicable it is that so much pro-penguin propaganda is aimed at vulnerable children, who are too weak and too innocent to resist such evil. How can you sit back and watch while the Elders of Antarctica unleash such terrible evil onto YOUR child? Something must be done!

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Entering Hell by the back door

On Saturday evening, myself and a group of committed Christians from our Church decided to explore some of the local heritage in our nearest large town, Sottingbury, which is about twenty miles away. It is important to visit these places before they are overrun by non-Christians, infidels and immigrants from the Third World, who do not have the mental capacity to appreciate them at all and would probably view the glorious heritage of GREAT BRITAIN as an amusement park, rather than something to be defended at all costs, in the spirit of the Crusaders.

First, we went to a restaurant, one of the last ones in the area, tragically, which still serves traditional GREAT BRITISH food. It's called Wimpy. Some of my congregants are still young enough to remember when every GREAT BRITISH town had a Wimpy. In what must have been a cruel twist of fate, two of my congregants were violently ill shortly after eating most of their burgers and chips, and I am left with a very severe stomachache - caused, no doubt, by the Jews who wanted to prevent us enjoying our traditional meal.

Afterwards, myself and my congregants who were not afflicted by the cruel trick of Satan went to a pub called the Rainbow, which I thought was the most appropriate pub for a Christian group to have a gathering, as the Rainbow symbolises God's covenant with Noah in the Bible.

You might think that Identity Christians should not drink alcohol, and you would be right, but the pub is such a traditional part of OUR GREAT BRITISH culture that we felt we must show solidarity, before it is replaced with a mosque and an edict issued forbidding law-abiding non-Muslims from drinking, as is bound to happen if the politically correct dhimmicratic establishment get their way. We were quietly sitting down to study the Bible and reflect on what we had done that day, when I saw a sight that should anger and revolt anyone who fears the Lord.

Yes, two men, one with a truly appalling effeminate haircut, were standing just inches away from our small group of God-fearing Christians and ... they were ... they were actually ... words cannot bring myself to describe it, but they were .... they were ... they were ... oh Lord, it is hard for me to type this, and forgive my crude and revolting language, but they were ... they were kissing. With tongues.

Is this what our society is becoming, when just a few hundred years ago, anyone caught behaving so unnaturally would be hanged on the spot? What has happened to our moral and spiritual values? But there was worse! As we tried to study the Bible together, notably the passage describing how homosexuals should be stoned to death, to shield our eyes from this terrible sight, a member of my congregation who is known for her sensitive disposition nearly choked on her mineral water as she saw yet another appalling sight. I had never been sure that such a thing existed, and had never wanted to believe that it did, until I saw it for my own eyes.

Two women were standing near the pool table, and they were holding hands and ... doing the same appalling, sinful, abominable thing that the two men just before our very eyes were doing. One of the women even had her hands on the other woman's rear end, and as for all the naked flesh on show! I was appalled! And as we looked around we realised that here we were, we had entered a gathering place of the minions of Satan themselves, a fact borne out by the ghastly music, like "I will Survive" and the greatest hits of Abba, which was constantly and loudly played!

As we tried to get out, we realised that we could not. A huge, monstrous man winked at me, and I felt a very unnatural feeling, but only momentarily, and when I looked again at him I was filled with horror as I remembered what Jesus and God both had to say about this issue. I honestly was. I don't, as a Christian, harbour feelings for other men or anything. Honestly. I don't feel any attraction towards men, and there are so many women in the world that can swear to this. I really don't. I am a God fearing Christian who obeys the Lord.

By the time we all left, it felt as though I had entered Hell itself, with the Satanic music blaring out and all the sinners congregating there. If I did not know better, I would have thought that I had just had a near death experience, a fact which could well have been the case for all I know, given what Sottingbury is like on a Saturday night, or was when we left. If we had not left when we did, who knows what would have happened, and what terrible temptations we would have succumbed to? I am for one very glad that we did, and I really mean that!!

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Sunday, April 13, 2008

John Son of Samuel's adventures in Barcelona

Time to carry on the serialised story of what happened next to John Son of Samuel. If you're in my church, you'll be expected to read this story as we go along at our next bible study, so pay attention!

You'll remember that John had to go to the land of the Sepharites because God commanded him. But what happened next?

Lo! John Son of Samuel did arrive in the airport of the Barcelonites, although there was to be some trouble ahead, as the Barcelonite handlers of baggage did down their tools to go on strike. "Oh Lord!" he cried out, when his bag was nowhere to be found, after searching high and low and verily, to the four corners of the airport. "My luggage hast disappeared! Where hath it got to?"

"Do not despair!" said the Lord. "Have patience!"
So John Son of Samuel waited until the clock did strike nine, and then he cried out again, "Lord! I have been waiting in this accursed place for seven hours! Where is mine bag? Lord! How much longer will I have to wait?"
"Don't ask me," said the Lord.

So John did go to the airport information desk, and the attendant did say that the strike would last another day, and there was much wailing and gnashing of teeth.

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