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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

The World Cup

In recent weeks, I have been asked by many brothers and sisters in Christ about that important sporting event which comes around once every four years, and which is . I have been asked many things. Will England win? If they go out, which team would you support? Who do you think is going through to the quarter finals?

These are all very interesting questions. However, there is a question which hasn't been asked, and that is, what does the Bible say about the World Cup, and football in general?

We have to ask ourselves why that question has never been asked. Is it because the so-called "Christians" who follow football know what the answer will be? Is it because they are frightened of being tainted by SIN?

The answer, of course, is yes. The Kinsman Redeemer HATES football, and hates anyone who watches it! This can surely be shown by the fact that the so-called English national team is managed by a Swede! Where is the racial integrity in this "beautiful game"? Could it be that like almost every other sport, it is merely an excuse for the minions of Satan to indulge in more anti-Aryan activities?

And before anyone says, "But aren't Swedes White?" Of course they are, but there are White people and White people, and the English are obviously superior to the Swedes! I mean, who knows how to speak Swedish, for goodness' sake? That's right, nobody, apart from the Swedes themselves! That doesn't stop them trying to corrupt our Christian values, though - just look at Satan Claus! Where was this false idol supposed to have been born? Lapland - and where is that? You guessed it ...

At this point, some people will surely ask, "But Zach - Sweden aren't the only country which England play in the World Cup!" To which I reply, "Of course not - but that's what makes it even more sinful!" There are so many African teams and players in this year's tournament, and one wonders how the World Cup could be considered truly Biblical when the Ghanaians are beating the Czech Republic instead of being treated like the inferior, pre-Adamic beings which they are. Instead of making saves, they should be made into slaves (St Samantha ch19 vs 22). How can a game which offers Ghana and Angola an equal chance to England and Ukraine be considered a "bit of fun"? Surely the inequality of the races should be reflected in sport as well?

As I flicked through the channels in search of a pro-White and pro-Christian programme, of which there seem to be so few in these heathen times, I was struck by the fact that there was so much naked flesh on show, and so many virile young men running alongside a ball. I felt a most uncomfortable stirring in my loins! Is this really the sort of thing which a Kinsman Redeemer-fearing Christian should be watching? Could it not lead to HOMOSEXUAL DESIRES? Surely this is the biggest proof of all that watching the World Cup is a sin to be avoided at all costs?

The answer is that it isn't - there is an even bigger reason to refuse to watch it. All the cheering and hand clapping, not to mention the inferior dark-skinned beings one sees flying the flag of St George in the stadium gives the disgusting impression that our people are enjoying this so-called "game" to the exclusion of their Racial Destiny and the pursuit of a life with Jesus, which is so often not enjoyable at all, were it not for the fact that we aren't going to Hell...

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