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Sunday, September 24, 2006

Happy new year?

As you might be aware, a couple of days ago Satan's Jew celebrated its new year. Now, typical, naive, brainwashed Judeo-Christians who have not come to the Truthful Doctrine might be reading this and thinking, "So? What's wrong with that? There's nothing wrong with having a new year and celebrating it, is there?"

On the surface, they would appear to be right. After all, what is wrong with consuming copious amounts of alcohol and letting off fireworks? What is wrong with the year changing from 2006 (or 5766) to a number that's one higher than this? Some people would argue that there wasn't anything wrong with it at all - and indeed, how many people have you heard over the years talking about New Year's parties? Some of them might even have asked you if you were going to one (although this is unlikely for someone as committed to fighting for our race as you hopefully are if you're reading this!)

If you don't know why we shouldn't celebrate New Year, and even wise Christian men like myself were once ignorant as to the reasons, I shall give you a couple of facts.

1) The Jew celebrates New Year, and did so a couple of days ago! If you go to a party on December 31st, you will be celebrating something the Jew does, even though it's on a different date, and you don't want to be like the Jew, do you? DO YOU?

2) The so-called Christian calendar is actually biblically wrong - Christ was born in what would be known now as the year 6 AD, not the year 0 like the minions of Satan want you to think! You don't want to be celebrating the wrong year, do you? Especially not when the number's wrong because Satan's little helper decieved us as to the correct date of CHRIST'S BIRTHDAY!

3) How is celebrating a new year a good thing? With every passing year, and with every passing day, in fact, we come closer to the end of the world, when Satan and the Jew will try and kill every living thing that has ever lived on the world. They will even kill kittens! See, it's not just the Lord who kills kittens, it's Satan as well!

4) Every year you live, you get older. This proves that time is an invention of Satan and we should not do anything to encourage it. If there was no such thing as years, there wouldn't be any such thing as ageing, and I would still be the young spring chicken I was in 1979!

Now, who can argue with that?

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