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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Saving people's Souls using the internet!

I decided to look at my page rankings (as a modern pastor with a modern ministry must do) and discovered something very interesting - the world of cyberspace isn't so godless after all, as people are searching for Christian topics, such as "Christian Identity Pastors" and "Stormfront". Even more interesting than that, these people are looking for, and finding, MY WEBSITE!

If we calculate that around two or three people view my site every week, and the majority of them just view it as the mutterings of some crank on the internet, as the Jew-controlled media has instructed them to do, not daring to look past zionist propaganda and see the REAL TRUTH about spoons, what happens to socks which you can't find and our racial destiny, say, about 99% of them do this, then we are left with one or two people each year, who, having viewed this site, may decide to realise a true and faithful relationship through Christian Identity with Jesus, and decide to dedicate their lives to the eternal battle between the Jew and the White Race.

Isn't that amazing? By spreading my message on the internet I am contributing in no small way, to saving people's IMMORTAL SOULS! It's incredible to think what a difference a small person like me can make.

I'm going to put on Skrewdriver and do a little dance.

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Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Free Burma

Free Burma!

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What's happening to my free speech, usurped by evil human rights campaigners?

Normal service in the Thackaray household will resume shortly, as the good Pastor has lots of thrilling stories to tell about his recent time picketing outside Jewish synagogues for the High Holy Days. Unfortunately so-called "human rights" campaigners have suppressed his right to free and democratic speech by taking over his blog to post about far and distant countries which we know nothing about.


On 4/10/07 is inviting all bloggers to refrain from posting except for one banner with "Free Burma". Please do everything you can to help the Burmese people. There is a petition at which has got over five hundred thousand signatures - sign it and help it get to a million. It will be sent to the Olympic commission and Chinese PM Hu Jintao.

More info on Burma here: with a list of companies to email and information about the junta's brutal regime.

On 6/10/07 there will be demonstrations across the world in a Global Day of Action for Burma

Help to make a difference for the Burmese people and get rid of the appalling regime which runs it.


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Sunday, September 16, 2007

Spreading GOD's word at the Dogs' Home!

Recently, while myself, Wife #11, Wife #8, Wife #3 and Wife #14 were sitting down to dinner with some of our grown-up children (I know I'm forgetting somebody, but I can't think who else was there), we discussed the idea of getting a new dog, not least because our last dog sadly ran away after the youth group at our church held a particularly zealous session of gong-banging outside the home of our Indian neighbours, followed by indoor fireworks. Snappy just couldn't handle it. I know he was a dog, but sometimes in life you have to put your own prejudices aside and do the right thing, and the spineless little bastard just couldn't do that. Shortly afterwards, we had a visit from the RSPCA, saying that perhaps it might be a good idea to reconsider owning any more animals, because my lifestyle is "not appropriate".

Not appropriate! I ask you. Does being a proud nationalist and defender of one's country preclude one from something so simple as owning a dog? Does spreading God's Word mean that I, a man experienced in leading a thriving community and in pastoral care of both humans and animals, mean that I should be prevented from doing my part in the stewardship of God's creatures? I don't know what's happened to Snappy now, but if he wants to find some pussy ass PC owner who won't even shout abuse in the street if he hears someone speaking in a foreign language, that's his choice! He's as bad as some of my wives - they couldn't handle it, so they left. One would think one's supposed "best friend" would know better, but he was too spineless and stupid to stick it out!

Wife #9 told me I was being too harsh, and that we should perhaps put posters up around our village and wait for Snappy to be returned to us. But since she's a woman, I don't really think I should be listening to her opinions. Besides, this is a worthwhile analogy for the way that God treats us humans. When God tells them to do something that they don't like, do God-fearing Christians act like Snappy and run away, never to be seen again? Or do they stay steadfast and obedient to God's tasks? You tell me! I have been disillusioned on that front recently, too.

Anyway, on Friday, me and eleven of my wives went to the Dogs' Home nearby, to look for another dog which hopefully will be braver, more racially aware and better behaved. I was shocked at the amount of degeneracy I saw there. How far the human race has descended into apathy and squalor, with rampant miscegenation and an undermining of Men's position as the head of the house, just as Christ was the head of the church. The manager of the Dogs' Home was a woman! A woman, I ask you. It is bad enough having them serving you at the checkout! Some of the half-breed mongrels I saw today had little to choose between them and the dogs themselves. What has the Jew done to our society?

I tried talking to one of the few sympathetic-seeming Aryan men I could see, a man called Peter who was meant to be showing us around. He simply nodded and smiled but I had no sooner started telling me about the homosexual agenda and desire to take over this country than he was asking me to stop or else I would have to leave! When has expressing one's opinion prohibited one from owning a dog?

And that is to say nothing of the dogs themselves. They did nothing but bark and growl when I walked past their cages. Don't they get taught any respect in this place? I pointed this out to Peter but he just shrugged his shoulders and said, "Well, they are dogs." Since when has that been an excuse for not displaying any kind of basic manners whatsoever? I bet that their Jew handlers have taught them not to do so whenever one of the "Chosen People" comes walking by, not that I am allowed to say this type of thing in public any more. The police will probably be along before I know it.

I left empty-handed, and one of my wives had the cheek to tell me that she would probably have had better luck on her own - meaning without me. While I have no doubt that this is probably true, it is a sad reflection on our society that anyone attempting to tell the truth and bravely preach God's Word is laughed at, in the most unlikely of locations. One would think that a place like that could be the last bastion of White nationalism, since one expects that many of the people working there would care more about animals than non-whites and other "humans", but unfortunately it is no more immune from the virus of political correctness than anywhere else. A true disappointment.

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Friday, August 24, 2007


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As anyone who has met my son will know, the hippy movement is one of the cleverest tricks Satan uses to get people on his side. To look at him nobody would guess that he was possessed by the Devil, although if you did get the chance to look at him you'd probably be among the heathen filth who don't believe that the Devil exists or that Mother Nature and the Horned God were both looking after the earth and all its creatures, or some such anti-Christian garbage.

Now, at this point, you might be thinking, "What's wrong with being a hippy? Surely it's a good idea to want to protect the environment against human destruction, or to smoke lots of weed and want to have peace and love in the world? Surely if God made the world he would want us to look after it? And surely God doesn't want us to fight each other, and if God didn't want us to smoke weed he wouldn't have invented it in a form which we could smoke?"

I'll get onto the subject of drugs another time. I want to address two claims that are frequently made by hippies, liberals and their enablers.

Last week, my son was among the hundreds of people who attended a camp protesting against climate change at one of BAA's airports. According to these people, it's a good idea to discourage people from flying, because the amount of emissions released by each aircraft adds to global warming. Assuming that global warming is actually happening, it could dramatically change the world's climate and make large areas of the earth unliveable. Eventually, the earth itself may become unfit for human habitation.

However, assuming this is true, who says that it is a bad thing? Those affected by global warming will not be White Europeans. Remember New Orleans in 2005? I do. ;) In addition, as a Christian I await the final battle between the Israelites and the Children of the Serpent and then finally the Rapture, the glorious time when the Lord will draw all God-fearing White Christians to Heaven, and destroy this imperfect world so that We may live forever with him in heaven. Surely an environmental catastrophe would make this more likely, and therefore be a good thing? So why worry about global warming, when it can only be a good thing for the White Christians, since it brings Armaggedon and the end of this world closer?

Wouldn't you rather the earth be destroyed by God now, than Satan's children the Jews rule it for a thousand years (of which they have ruled it for over two hundred already)?

As for peace and love in the world, there was never meant to be any such thing. Doesn't Jesus say in the Holy Bible, "I have not come to bring peace, but a sword?" The most righteous Christians of all, the Crusaders, didn't have any time for any nonsense about love and peace, did they? Shouldn't we be following their example, rather than that of a bunch of filthy unwashed stoners?

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Friday, August 17, 2007

In praise of one of God's misunderstood creations

I am well aware that I have not written anything on these pages for almost a year. As such you may think that I have dropped out of the world of White Nationalist activism, and that perhaps Christian Identity itself is floundering around in the stagnant pond of the racialist movement, finding itself unable to swim.

You would be wrong. The reason I have been gone is because I have been extremely busy with the campus division of St. Ignatius's Sepulchral Abundant Life Church of The Holy Spirit YHVH. Yes, myself and other leaders of the movement have been busy with the Christian Identity Union, which is possibly the most important asset we in Christian Identity have today. When your son goes off to university (and unfortunately, in this modern and decadent world, probably your daughter too, but we won't say anything more about that), try to make sure that he is on a campus with a strong Christian Identity Union. It will help him to stay aware of our enemies and keep him on the straight path of purity.

Unfortunately my son Adolf went to Sussex and due to the abysmal quality of the racially aware organisations there refused to have anything more to do with the Movement and now lives on a hippy commune, fighting climate change. I told him he was going to hell, but he won't listen and just laughs at me, trying to attack me with a plastic fork (although thankfully not a spoon) and calling me a fascist. A fascist! Imagine that - I who have been fighting to preserve the free speech of the white minority and who has done so much to expose the tyranny of the Jew World Order!

This sad little tale just serves to illustrate the need for a strong and racially pure Identity movement on Britain's campuses, of which unfortunately there is no sign.

There is something else I wish to mention. In recent weeks you may have noticed that the church and some of our members' houses have become home to a number of fleas. In fact, this was mentioned on page 9 of our newsletter, "God's Work Makes You Free". The flea is one of the most misunderstood beasts created by the Lord for man. Instead of complaining when fleas visit your home, and even heartlessly calling in fumigators to cruelly destroy the lives of these innocent creatures, it is a Christian duty to make fleas welcome in your home. It is said in the Book of Owchior, "And Achyte son of Owchior sayeth unto the Lord, "Blessed are You, for when my dog did bite me, You brought her fleas to punish her, so I will safeguard the flea forevermore." Achyte continued to serve God and allow fleas to sit peacefully on his body until the end of his days. Think of the flea bites as a test from God. Soon, fleas and the White Christian Man will no longer be enemies, as Scratchagh son of Achyte prophesied, "And a great number of fleas will descend upon the infidel and defilers of God's Name. And the people of God will rejoice."

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