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Friday, August 24, 2007


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As anyone who has met my son will know, the hippy movement is one of the cleverest tricks Satan uses to get people on his side. To look at him nobody would guess that he was possessed by the Devil, although if you did get the chance to look at him you'd probably be among the heathen filth who don't believe that the Devil exists or that Mother Nature and the Horned God were both looking after the earth and all its creatures, or some such anti-Christian garbage.

Now, at this point, you might be thinking, "What's wrong with being a hippy? Surely it's a good idea to want to protect the environment against human destruction, or to smoke lots of weed and want to have peace and love in the world? Surely if God made the world he would want us to look after it? And surely God doesn't want us to fight each other, and if God didn't want us to smoke weed he wouldn't have invented it in a form which we could smoke?"

I'll get onto the subject of drugs another time. I want to address two claims that are frequently made by hippies, liberals and their enablers.

Last week, my son was among the hundreds of people who attended a camp protesting against climate change at one of BAA's airports. According to these people, it's a good idea to discourage people from flying, because the amount of emissions released by each aircraft adds to global warming. Assuming that global warming is actually happening, it could dramatically change the world's climate and make large areas of the earth unliveable. Eventually, the earth itself may become unfit for human habitation.

However, assuming this is true, who says that it is a bad thing? Those affected by global warming will not be White Europeans. Remember New Orleans in 2005? I do. ;) In addition, as a Christian I await the final battle between the Israelites and the Children of the Serpent and then finally the Rapture, the glorious time when the Lord will draw all God-fearing White Christians to Heaven, and destroy this imperfect world so that We may live forever with him in heaven. Surely an environmental catastrophe would make this more likely, and therefore be a good thing? So why worry about global warming, when it can only be a good thing for the White Christians, since it brings Armaggedon and the end of this world closer?

Wouldn't you rather the earth be destroyed by God now, than Satan's children the Jews rule it for a thousand years (of which they have ruled it for over two hundred already)?

As for peace and love in the world, there was never meant to be any such thing. Doesn't Jesus say in the Holy Bible, "I have not come to bring peace, but a sword?" The most righteous Christians of all, the Crusaders, didn't have any time for any nonsense about love and peace, did they? Shouldn't we be following their example, rather than that of a bunch of filthy unwashed stoners?

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