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Friday, August 17, 2007

In praise of one of God's misunderstood creations

I am well aware that I have not written anything on these pages for almost a year. As such you may think that I have dropped out of the world of White Nationalist activism, and that perhaps Christian Identity itself is floundering around in the stagnant pond of the racialist movement, finding itself unable to swim.

You would be wrong. The reason I have been gone is because I have been extremely busy with the campus division of St. Ignatius's Sepulchral Abundant Life Church of The Holy Spirit YHVH. Yes, myself and other leaders of the movement have been busy with the Christian Identity Union, which is possibly the most important asset we in Christian Identity have today. When your son goes off to university (and unfortunately, in this modern and decadent world, probably your daughter too, but we won't say anything more about that), try to make sure that he is on a campus with a strong Christian Identity Union. It will help him to stay aware of our enemies and keep him on the straight path of purity.

Unfortunately my son Adolf went to Sussex and due to the abysmal quality of the racially aware organisations there refused to have anything more to do with the Movement and now lives on a hippy commune, fighting climate change. I told him he was going to hell, but he won't listen and just laughs at me, trying to attack me with a plastic fork (although thankfully not a spoon) and calling me a fascist. A fascist! Imagine that - I who have been fighting to preserve the free speech of the white minority and who has done so much to expose the tyranny of the Jew World Order!

This sad little tale just serves to illustrate the need for a strong and racially pure Identity movement on Britain's campuses, of which unfortunately there is no sign.

There is something else I wish to mention. In recent weeks you may have noticed that the church and some of our members' houses have become home to a number of fleas. In fact, this was mentioned on page 9 of our newsletter, "God's Work Makes You Free". The flea is one of the most misunderstood beasts created by the Lord for man. Instead of complaining when fleas visit your home, and even heartlessly calling in fumigators to cruelly destroy the lives of these innocent creatures, it is a Christian duty to make fleas welcome in your home. It is said in the Book of Owchior, "And Achyte son of Owchior sayeth unto the Lord, "Blessed are You, for when my dog did bite me, You brought her fleas to punish her, so I will safeguard the flea forevermore." Achyte continued to serve God and allow fleas to sit peacefully on his body until the end of his days. Think of the flea bites as a test from God. Soon, fleas and the White Christian Man will no longer be enemies, as Scratchagh son of Achyte prophesied, "And a great number of fleas will descend upon the infidel and defilers of God's Name. And the people of God will rejoice."

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