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Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Free Burma

Free Burma!

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What's happening to my free speech, usurped by evil human rights campaigners?

Normal service in the Thackaray household will resume shortly, as the good Pastor has lots of thrilling stories to tell about his recent time picketing outside Jewish synagogues for the High Holy Days. Unfortunately so-called "human rights" campaigners have suppressed his right to free and democratic speech by taking over his blog to post about far and distant countries which we know nothing about.


On 4/10/07 is inviting all bloggers to refrain from posting except for one banner with "Free Burma". Please do everything you can to help the Burmese people. There is a petition at which has got over five hundred thousand signatures - sign it and help it get to a million. It will be sent to the Olympic commission and Chinese PM Hu Jintao.

More info on Burma here: with a list of companies to email and information about the junta's brutal regime.

On 6/10/07 there will be demonstrations across the world in a Global Day of Action for Burma

Help to make a difference for the Burmese people and get rid of the appalling regime which runs it.


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