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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Saving people's Souls using the internet!

I decided to look at my page rankings (as a modern pastor with a modern ministry must do) and discovered something very interesting - the world of cyberspace isn't so godless after all, as people are searching for Christian topics, such as "Christian Identity Pastors" and "Stormfront". Even more interesting than that, these people are looking for, and finding, MY WEBSITE!

If we calculate that around two or three people view my site every week, and the majority of them just view it as the mutterings of some crank on the internet, as the Jew-controlled media has instructed them to do, not daring to look past zionist propaganda and see the REAL TRUTH about spoons, what happens to socks which you can't find and our racial destiny, say, about 99% of them do this, then we are left with one or two people each year, who, having viewed this site, may decide to realise a true and faithful relationship through Christian Identity with Jesus, and decide to dedicate their lives to the eternal battle between the Jew and the White Race.

Isn't that amazing? By spreading my message on the internet I am contributing in no small way, to saving people's IMMORTAL SOULS! It's incredible to think what a difference a small person like me can make.

I'm going to put on Skrewdriver and do a little dance.

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