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Sunday, March 30, 2008

U FUCKING LIEING CUNT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111111111


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Revelations 2: Divine Justice

A few days ago, I described an extract from the forthcoming sequel to Revelations, which was recently revealed to me when I was lying in the bath. A sequel, you might say? But isn't the original always best, especially when it comes to the Bible, that holiest of books?

Don't be too sure. The idea came to me when I was being visited by an angel. If you don't believe me, you can look her up. Her name's Tracey and she lives in the same village I do, above the chippie. She came to me while I was in the bath, and nobody else was at home, so it was just me and her. All my wives went back home to their families at Easter so the house was quiet.

Anyway, enough about Tracey, I don't want any of my wives finding out, although I don't believe women should be allowed access to computers anyway so it's not likely they'd look.

It's about a young guy called John Son of Samuel who leaves the Holy Land and travels around the world trying to spread the Gospel. Before you say that it's unoriginal, don't forget that this is the Bible we're talking about. A book with pages and pages of writing about so and so being the son of somebody else, so what's the harm in a bit of repetition?

I began the story with my last entry, when John Son of Samuel travelled to the evil, God-forsaken land inhabited by Dragan Drugavic, who was eaten by a millipede for insulting his mental health. We will now return to John's story.

"Oh Lord," John did cry out. "What is thy problem? Get thy cursed millipede away from me! It's eating me! And nobody around me doeth understand English (for that was now the language of the Holy Land) so I cannot cry out for help!"
"Shut up," cried a voice from heaven, and the millipede vanished. "I did send that millipede to avenge your honour, so thou must stop complaining!"
"OK," John did say, falling to his knees. "You are the Lord, so your judgements are always righteous."
"Now," sayeth the Lord. "Leave this place, it is cursed. Go to the land of the Sepharites."

"Sepharites?" sayeth John. "What are those?"
"It is a land far away," sayeth the Lord. "I do not expect thee to understand my judgements, but once thou art there thou shalt find the city of the Barcelonites, and stay there until I give you my next instructions."
"Your judgement is great, for I have been there," John did say. "I do lust after the Barcelonite girls, and I do love their parties."
"Oh dear," sayeth the Lord. "Maybe thou art the wrong person for this holy task."

To be continued ...

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Thursday, March 20, 2008

TOTAL WAR against God's Enemies!

In another gesture that truly proves how much I am going to miss this wonderful man when he leaves the White House for the last time, he has signed a deal which will provide military assistance to Kosovo, the country which recently declared independence from Serbia. Now, I was not aware of the evil of the Serbs until recently. They are almost as bad as the Jews, you know, and our glorious Fuhrer knew this as well, that's why HE tried as hard as he could to exterminate them, because he knew them. He knew what they were.

I mean, they started World War I, for the sake of goodness. It wouldn't have happened if it wasn't for a Serb shooting dead Franz Ferdinand (which certainly proves their satanic nature, since if they had any kind of decency they'd do it with the modern Franz Ferdinand...). As if that wasn't bad enough, they worship icons, which as every God fearing Christian knows is just another word for idolatory. (I know my esteemed friend Cardinal Zorba, the representative of the Christian Identity church in Greece, appears to follow a similar belief, but don't judge a book by its cover).

To listen to their whining recently, I mean anyone would think they'd had a part of their country stolen or something.

They redeemed themselves slightly during the 1990s but they proved themselves unworthy of the great men, falsely accused by the UN of being war criminals, who tried to lead them to victory during that time, and if you are aware of the evil of this race you won't really be surprised.

I mean look at this video. Just look at it and carefully note the characteristics of God's enemy.

Serbia's Eurovision entry

What more proof do you need that this despicable country is an abomination in the sight of the Lord? Not a lot, to be honest. But there is more, in the shape of proof from the Holy Bible, (Revalations 2 - Divine Justice).

"And John son of Samuel, on the Lord's command, strayed far away, into a land that was not the Holy Land, and there he did see a man. "What is your name?" he asked.
"Dragan," the man sayeth. "Dragan Drugavic. What are you doing here?"
"I have been sent by the Lord," sayeth John. "The Lord hath commanded me to come here."
"It sounds as if thou art crazy," sayeth Dragan. And lo! the Lord's wrath did blaze out against Dragan and a huge millipede did presently come and swallow him up."

If the Bible can't convince you, nothing can!

Every victory against the enemies of God brings the final battle closer, when Jesus himself will fight alongside His people, the White Race. Remember, war is all we need!

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Victory in Iraq!

So, after 5 years, we have finally won the war against the forces of darkness, as the President says, it is a "victory". What can I say, except that this remarkable speech by our leader proves all the anti-American propaganda questioning our decision to go to war to be utterly false. What more proof do you need that Iraq is now a democracy as good as any other - although once we pull out, this will probably change, as those filthy Ay-rabs aren't exactly suited to it, are they? This is a sorry day for all the heathen infidels who President Bush has devoted his life to crushing, and all the Jews and liberals who have been the President's detractors.

I am truly sorry that at the end of 2008, he will be leaving us for good, he has been the best President America has ever had, and he has almost tempted me to go and live there again, although after thinking that, I remembered that it was in America that I first realised the spoon's destroying power as a formidable weapon when placed into the hand of a Jew, when I was brutally chased out of a kosher restaurant in New York, by the chef for daring to declare God's message.

The fact that we have victory in Iraq shows that one day we will have victory in the wider battle, that between the brave Aryan Christian warriors and the forces of Satan. And what better way to prove this by the fact that a dirty kike, who my son, who, and I don't often admit this to people but sometimes I have had thoughts of, well, disowning, because I tell you he is the absolute bloody limit, associates with, said to me - TO ME! (a minion of Satan dares to speak to me and tell me their opinion?) that they "don't do military" and wouldn't want to serve in God's Army because it would mean being a "baby killer". It shows that they are scared, scared of the power of the Lord, which one day will engulf them.

Onward, Christian soldiers!

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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

God Fearing Christians, support the Chinese government!

Buddhism is a Godless religion. Quite literally Godless, as they don't believe in God. For that reason, it has to be said that Tibet is an evil nation, forsaken by the Lord. EVIL. I mean, what sort of name is "Tibet", anyway? Why can't they have a normal name like every other country, like Tibetland, or Tibetia? The Bible has a good explanation for this, as it does for everything else.

If we look at the letter T, we will discover that it is the 20th letter in the alphabet. What's 20 times 20? It's 400. What's 400+20? It's 420. Take away a zero and that makes the cursed number 42, which the Godless author of the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy declared to be the meaning of life (as if serving the Kinsman Redeemer isn't the meaning of life).

What about the other letters? The letter I is the 9th letter in the alphabet. What's 9 times 9? 81. The exact opposite of the number 18. 18 represents the word "life" in...well, Hebrew (but the authentic Christian Aryan Hebrew, not that kosher kike Hebrew we're told is the real thing). What does 18 also stand for? The letters "A" and "H", and we know who that is, right? So basically, the letter I is 81, which means it's the OPPOSITE of 18, the OPPOSITE of what our glorious Fuhrer stood for, and the opposite of life, which is DEATH!

What about B? B is the 2nd letter. B is the third letter in the word "Tibet". What's 2x3? It's 6. What do you get if you get three sixes together? That's right. 666, the number of the beast!

What about the letter E? It's the 5th letter. 5x5 is 25. The 25th letter in the alphabet is Y. One word beginning with "Y" is "Yid", which is every God-fearing Christian's eternal enemy. That's another word beginning with "E" - "enemy", which is what the Tibetans are to us, I'm afraid.

Lastly, we have the letter T again. What's 20x20? It's 400. What's 400 and 42? 442. If we add 224 to 442, we get 666 again. What further proof does anyone need that the Chinese government would be right to rid the earth of this evil race?

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All I have to do is think up seven more posts before I can make this blog public again, as I don't exactly want the enemies of God to see it and jeopardise my free speech.

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Sunday, March 16, 2008

Step Twelve

Step Twelve: Spread the word! If zionism has helped you, as it has me, and countless other people, why hold back its benefits to others? Take the opportunity to talk about the greatness of Israel and how my simple twelve-step programme has benefitted you, all the time. Encourage them, using force if necessary, to buy my book, too, which is available for a very reasonable price, far more reasonable than all the other self-help books out there.

You may be responsible for incredible things, like Israel becoming the most hated country on Earth, as opposed to only the second most hated after the USA, which would be a momentous achievement, given the billions of people who have a reason to dislike the USA in some form. Countless people will be able to literally feel the difference as they live by the principles outlined in my programme, and will be able to journey to a happier, fulfilled, more inspiring life, and discover the power of positive thinking. Won't that be amazing?

For anyone who says that anything I say is "bollocks", I have one question. Do you say that any other book is also bollocks? What about Delia Smith's cookery books - what about the time I got food poisoning because the recipe told me to cook the meat for such a short time? Shouldn't you criticise that if you're going to criticise me?

If you buy my book and enjoy it, please look out for other titles in the series, such as that by my esteemed friend Aung Thaung, "How the Burmese Junta's food restrictions can help YOU lose weight!"

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Step Eleven

Step Eleven: Realise that you have the power to change reality. Step Eleven encapsulates what each of the previous Ten Steps has been about. At its simplest, Step Eleven means that if your views are different to reality, you have the power to carry on as though it's your views that are real, and not reality itself. If you have trouble understanding what this means, which if you are taking anything I say seriously, you probably will, imagine you, with all your thoughts, hopes, emotions, and fears, and imagine the world outside. If you have managed to apply Steps 1-10 successfully, you may have realised that it is the world inside your mind which counts. After all, it's your world, it only belongs to you, and nothing can take it away from you. It was granted to you by a Higher Power, which may be God, or it may be something else.

Where it is impossible to avoid the real world, it is always possible to change it to try and fit your hopes and aspirations. This is the case for the Israeli government, and it could be true for you, too.

How One Couple Changed Reality and Transformed their Lives

George and Sophie lived next door to neighbours whom they disliked. The neighbours were loud and noisy and had several children, who frequently came home late at night and behaved antisocially. On several occasions the children had broken the windows of George and Sophie's house, by kicking their footballs into them.

One day, Sophie turned to George after the latest terrible incident, during which the neighbour's oldest son, Mark, had given her a dirty look and laughed about her to his friends. "Wouldn't it be nice if they didn't live here?" Sophie said. Her husband agreed. That night, Sophie and George both climbed over their neighbour's fence, taking several crowbars and some hammers, which they used to smash up the children's play equipment, as well as a can of petrol, which they poured on the neighbour's lawn, and then climbed back over the fence, although not before George threw a lighted match into the neighbour's garden.

The neighbours left almost immediately the next day. In this way, Sophie and George were able to transform their own reality, thereby restoring an emotional balance to their lives, which were improved infinitely with the neighbours gone. When other villagers challenged them, either because they didn't like them or because they didn't know the full facts, they replied that it shouldn't be such a problem for the neighbours, who had brought it on themselves, because there were other houses in the village which looked just like theirs, in streets which even had similar names.

By adopting Sophie and George's approach to problem-solving, you too can enhance your life. Ignoring reality allows you to be inflexible, and it will in time mean that you will never feel yourself to be wrong on anything, meaning that your self-esteem will be enriched.

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Step Ten

Step Ten: Realise that you can never have enough expensive weapons. After all, through the previous Nine Steps, we have established that you are constantly under attack, and even more importantly, you are valuable, and precious, and have the right to defend yourself against any kind of threat to your well-being, whether that is emotional, psychological, or physical. Weapons can help bring out qualities you never knew you had, such as brutality and aggression. If you would like to explore these hidden depths to your personality, Step Ten is essential. If you feel any doubts over this, remember that other people have done the same to you, and even if they haven't, they probably would do so, given half the chance.

If other people question why, for example, you have so many large kitchen knives, you can simply answer that they are necessary for cooking. While saying they are necessary for self-defence is an honest answer, it might be a bad idea to take this line with family and friends. Alternatively, you could adopt the approach favoured by one of my clients, Carol.

One day, Carol's friend Sarah came to visit her house. They went into the kitchen to have dinner and Sarah started pointing out the fact that Carol had what appeared to be a large number of knives and a few chainsaws on the table. "Don't be ridiculous," Carol said. "I'm not going to say whether those are mine or not. For all you know, the builders doing the extension on our house might have left them there". Sarah nodded and said, "OK," although she did not stay for dinner and soon went home.

As Carol discovered, this was an effective way of dealing with unexpected questions. She felt better about herself and was able to relax, safe in the knowledge that she was assertive and mature enough to deal with the challenging situation. Incorporating Step Ten into your life has untold benefits, such as the fact that it can dramatically reduce the risk of your being a victim of crime.

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Step Nine

Step Nine: Realise that you can have anything you want, if you want it. Nowhere is this more true than in Israel, where people can be thrown out of homes they've lived in for years so that settlers can move in. In your journey to self-fulfillment and self-aggrandisation, it is important to remember that wishful thinking will not help you achieve your goal, but could impede you from actualising it. If you want someone's car, but do not have the money, or you enjoy the view from someone's house, but do not feel able to live there, don't let this stop you trying to change your dream into a reality. With dreams, anything is possible.

How One Man's Dream was Realised

Steve moved to Israel several years ago, but found that he was becoming dissatisfied with his life, and especially where he lived. "I hated the view," he says. "Every day I would look out of my window and see cars. I didn't come here to live in a city. I wanted to go to the countryside."

By applying Step Nine, Steve was able to turn his dream of a peaceful existence in the countryside into a reality, by walking onto the lawn of a Palestinian family and building a house. When the family tried to intervene, Steve applied Step Four and was able to act disproportionately enough to realise his goal, with help from friendly IDF soldiers.

By keeping in mind Step Nine, you will be able to maintain a positive, go-getting attitude to life, just like Steve.

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Step Eight

Step Eight: Realise that you are a victim. If you are reading this, you are psychically damaged, and have been the victim of intense emotional harm. In order to realise your potential and overcome your destructive emotions, you need to accept this simple fact, in order to begin your process of healing. The process of healing is a lifelong process, which means that you have every right to expect sympathy and support for the rest of your life, regardless of what other people may think. Remember, you are a unique, valuable individual, and whatever other people have had to face in life, the chances are they have never had to suffer as badly as you. You are special and are entitled to special treatment, and anyone who says otherwise probably hates you, if living according to the previous Seven Steps hasn't made them hate you already.

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Step Seven

Step Seven: Realise that absolutely everything could potentially kill you, and you have the right to defend yourself against this threat to your life. This is really an extension of Step Six. However, Step Seven is still more profound, and if applied correctly, can serve to harness and utilise your new-found feelings.

Gwendoline had a heart condition which, doctors had advised, could be aggravated by shock. Her neighbours had a large dog which frequently jumped up at her, and at times she had been rather frightened by it, especially since it had nipped her on one or two occasions. On returning home from her visit to the doctors', she decided to take action, since the dog could potentially cause her a heart attack by barking at her and shocking her by jumping up.

When she saw the dog next, she made the decision to take a pre-emptive strike, and threw a brick at it whilst it was out walking, in order to protect herself. Unfortunately, the brick hit her neighbour instead, rather than the dog, and an ambulance had to be called. Empowered by the Twelve Steps, Gwendoline knew that collateral damage was an unfortunate consequence of defending herself against unwanted attack, and she had every right to take the decision she did, since the risk to her heart by the dog jumping up justified her taking this action.

Although people criticised Gwendoline for her actions, she could stand up proudly, knowing that she did the right thing. If your life is threatened, or if you feel it to be, remember that nothing in the world can ever replace it. You are a valuable human being, and you have every right to take action to secure your own safety, regardless of what others may say.

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Step Six

Step Six: Embrace your paranoia. Sadly for many of us, the world can be a hostile, harsh place. If you feel that someone does not like you, the chances are that they probably don't. If you didn't have any grounds for feeling this way, there is no way in hell you would be taking this seriously.

Is there any way to change this depressing situation? The answer is no. Paranoia, far from being the unhealthy, destructive emotion it is portrayed as in the media, which is now becoming as bad as that of Nazi Germany, is a healthy part of life, essential for your safety and happiness. Ignoring your paranoia can be immensely harmful, both for you, and those around you.

You can embrace your paranoia by writing letters to newspapers and posting comments on websites describing how Europe will be entirely swamped by Muslim immigration in five years, and how printing photographs of Palestinians, who, remember, don't exist, killed by Israeli helicopters is the start of the second Holocaust. If you still do not feel ready to move to Israel yet, you can nurture your paranoia by cultivating a number of stimulating hobbies, such as looking out of your window at the neighbours in case they are plotting against you, and complaining to friends and family about how biased everything is, ever.

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Step Five

Step Five: Open your mind and heart to zionist propaganda. If Israel describes its actions as "voluntary" and "humane", as in "voluntary transfer", and you have the slightest doubt that its policies are one hundred percent perfect and in accordance with the highest moral standards in the Western World, then it is essential to accept that you are wrong. Examine yourself for the source of this doubt, and reapply Steps 1-4 if necessary. You do not have the answers to everything, so accept that if anything makes you uneasy, it is as a result of your own inner feelings, which you have yet to resolve.

Harry arrived in Israel but shortly after his visit he was disturbed by several things which he found alarming, including seeing a house being knocked down, and seeing IDF soldiers beat someone up. He unsuccessfully tried to apply Steps 1-4, but then failed, and left, declaring, "Israel's completely fucked up! I'm leaving - fuck zionism!" Harry made the mistake of not applying Step 5 and accepting that there may be a more positive explanation for these sights, and broadening his mind to different views and alternative possibilities, such as the possibility that the bulldozed house may have been inhabited by terrorists, and that the person being beaten up may also have been a terrorist.

By failing to apply Step 5, he closed his mind, and as a result became angry and bitter, attending several anti-war demonstrations and reading books by Norman Finkelstein.

Avoid making the same mistakes he did, open your mind and consider the possibility that all in your life may not be as it seems. This can only lead to a positive, more emotionally empowered existence.

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Step Four

Step Four: Allow yourself to act disproportionately. After all, Israel does it all the time. Despite what parents, teachers and other toxic, spiritually destructive elements in your life may tell you, it is perfectly OK - commendable even - to get ridiculously angry at the slightest criticism. In fact, it is natural, and not doing so can lead you to become a permanently downtrodden victim, which is one of the most damaging things which we can allow to happen to ourselves.

Case Study

Anne had several problems with her husband, who frequently made snide remarks to her about her cooking, her figure, and other aspects of her appearance. He occasionally argued with her in front of her friends, an amazingly destructive and soul-destroying thing for him to do, which displayed his inner weakness, as well as making her feel inferior. One day, when he criticised her cooking in front of guests, she applied Step Four.

As her adherence to the other three Steps made her assertive and empowered enough to stand up to him, she did so by grabbing a frying pan full of food and beating him over the head with it several times, until he sunk to the ground, unconscious.

"Wow, isn't that a bit over the top?" said her friends. She asserted herself in this challenging situation by locking them all in the bathroom until they apologised for their rudeness.

Have you ever secretly wished you could behave in the same way as the Israeli government does towards people you don't like? By following the principles outlined in the Twelve Steps, you will be able to do so, and create a healthier, more positive you who is more able to take a tough stance towards any form of criticism from those toxic people in your life who seek your harm.

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Step Three

Aspiring zionists often face hostility from family and friends, who view their new-found idealism, optimism and distorted thought processes as "bizarre", "disturbing", and even sometimes "hateful". They may, for instance, be faced with accusations that they are racist, or even, in an extremely hurtful distortion of the truth, have concerns raised about their mental health. If this is true, then it is essential to keep in mind Step Three: realising that all criticism of Israel, and by extension, you, is anti-semitic, and therefore unjustified.

This is one of the most important of the Twelve Steps along your journey to happiness and fulfilment, but it is also one of the most difficult. To assist you, you might find it helpful to create mental images of Israel's critics. For example, one of my clients used to picture his wife wearing a Nazi uniform when she complained about Israel attacking Lebanon. Eventually, after he was honest enough to express himself to her, she called him a "pervert". However, what he lost, in the form of his wife initiating divorce proceedings against him, he more than gained, emotionally, psychologically and physically, when he relaxed his mind and let the power of zionism fill it.

He now feels creative and emotionally strong enough to write his child benefit cheques in Hebrew, so that they cannot be cashed. Remember, if others are hostile towards you, you have the right to defend yourself, and it's always down to them, not you!

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Step Two

Step Two: Ditch unhelpful, uptight feelings about "international law" and "morality".

Now, we have established with Step One that the Palestinians do not exist, it makes sense to let go of those unhelpful feelings and thoughts which hold you back from unlocking your inner nature. Some of my clients have reported that even after fully implementing and working with Step One in their daily lives, they still face difficulty with the thoughts and feelings that are produced by these non-existent Palestinians, who are waging a form of psychological terrorism and impeding us from realising our destiny.

The effects of this terrible trauma can manifest themselves in a variety of ways, such as unnecessary reliance on non-prescription drugs, compulsions, or even crime. Only by breaking free from the prison of low self esteem, guilt and imposed morals and expectations, can we discover who we truly are, and break the habits of a lifetime.

How zionism transformed one woman's life

Jane had had a difficult childhood, which had eventually driven her to become hooked on drugs in her teens. Her sense of shame enabled her to become further and further drawn into a perilous addiction. However, her life changed when, as she says, she started thinking about Israel. "Whatever I'd done, it couldn't be as terrible as what the Israeli government are doing," she says, "and yet I'm the one selling my body for my next fix, not them. They had no guilt or shame whatsoever. It was amazing. Realising that was an incredible, life-changing moment." She says that she suddenly felt all the guilt surrounding her past life "melt away".

Jane immediately gave up crack, and used the money she had saved to fund a trip to Israel. Six months later, she is a mother of three children, living in a settlement in Hebron, and lives an idyllic life, throwing stones from her balcony onto human rights workers. "Zionism helped me be the person I never dreamed I could become," she says.

Wouldn't you like this to be you?

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Step One

Step One: Realise that there are no Palestinians.

The simple, amazing truth is that if you are holding back, even while reading my words, from fully embracing your inner love of Israel out of a guilt about Palestinians, that you do not have to worry. They do not exist. They are a product of your subconscious mind, which probably created them as a result of childhood trauma or relationship stress. Your mind is the only obstacle holding back your psychic journey to happiness. Once you realise that your main barrier to fulfilling zionism's goals - and yours - lies within you, not in Palestine, you can literally feel the difference, as you progress towards a guilt-free, Palestinian-free existence.

Case Study

One of my clients was called John. He came to me, feeling dissatisfied in his job, feeling that his boss constantly demanded too much of him. He usually worked overtime and his health and social life were suffering, due to his boss's attitude sapping away his psychic energy. John's life became filled with work-related stress and he was unable to relax, even when at home.

John's boss was Palestinian.

One day, John asked himself why he let his work, and a man who did not actually exist, but was in fact imaginary, dominate his life to the extent that he was unable to relax in the evenings or sleep well. He came to the incredible, life-enhancing conclusion that since this man was not real, his opinion did not matter. He found the confidence within himself to leave his job and travel to the Promised Land, simply by the force of this powerful revelation.

If you, too, are tired of feeling a sense of guilt about people you have never met, who have never hurt you in any way, and who only exist in your mind as a result of psychological trauma, simply keeping in mind that they do not exist can produce life-changing consequences. Why let your life be ruined by these imaginary people? Why not ruin their lives for a change?

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Living the Dream: Enhancing your Life through Zionism

Here is David Heschel Finkelburg's amazing 12-step programme. No further comment by me is necessary.

Living the Dream
By David Heschel Finkelburg
Zionism is an inspiration to millions of people, despite being misunderstood, and often discredited by those who do not understand it. Although it was used successfully to transform a country into a marvellous wonder of progress and democracy, from what was formerly just a desert with a few swamps and trees in it, few have harnessed the life-changing potential of zionism to improve their own souls, until recently, when I brought out my book, which everyone should buy, for the fair and affordable price of only £25.99. Now, with my book, and with my easy to follow twelve-step programme, you can learn how the pioneering spirit of zionism can be used to enhance your own life, by applying the principles that drove the brave fighters of 1948 to chase countless people from their homes, to your own inner self, and discover hidden depths to your personality, unlocking your true nature and realising your potential.

The twelve steps outlined here may seem too good or too simple to be true, or even too disturbing to be taken seriously, but they have proven benefits which have transformed millions of lives - and, of course, Palestinian houses. They have helped many people realise their inner natures, and by following these simple steps, you too could be living the zionist dream, as a settler in the West Bank, throwing stones at your neighbours and screaming abuse at passers-by.

Step One
Step Two
Step Three
Step Four
Step Five
Step Six
Step Seven
Step Eight
Step Nine
Step Ten
Step Eleven
Step Twelve

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The Palestinians (Again).

Let me get one thing straight before I expound upon my sermon of today: - I despise the Jews, I despise the forces of international Jewry who have so maliciously attempted to silence and manipulate brave Aryan Christians such as Myself over the years. Oh, I hate the Jews so much. So much. I could kill them all, every one of them, and I can say with absolute certaintly that God hates them too - if He didn't, He wouldn't have made them Jews. Jews are evil. Evil. Evil. Got it?

Good. I'm glad we got that one out of the way.

However, there are other demons of mankind which Satan uses in his endless war of attrition against Christ, in order to torment and persecute God-fearing Christians. Why, just this day, I walked past a mosque, where Mohammedans or whatever they are called go and pray to their moon god, and there were BROWN PEOPLE COMING OUT OF IT! Can you believe it? Can you believe what our traitorous government has let into our midst? No. Nor can I. Sooner or later, the police will start to arrest us for NOT being suicide bombers!

Although I despise the state of Israel, simply because it is run by the Jew, I have to say that there is a lot of merit in much of what they are doing, and it is such that many God-fearing Christians could take heed of what they do after the final battle has commenced, which due to the unfolding financial crisis will not be very far off. We might be able to get some good ideas and insights into how to defeat the antichrist! ;)

A congregant of my Church recently attended a self-help seminar called "Living the Dream: Enhancing your life through Zionism". My next entry will consist of exerpts from the book, which is written by an amazing motivational speaker called David Heschel Finkelburg, who is not Jewish, unlike all those other Godless psychiatrists and so-called spiritual advisers so common in the world today, perverting the minds of gullible White Christians. What follows in the next entry is an extract from a truly inspirational book which everyone can use to enrich their lives.

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