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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

God Fearing Christians, support the Chinese government!

Buddhism is a Godless religion. Quite literally Godless, as they don't believe in God. For that reason, it has to be said that Tibet is an evil nation, forsaken by the Lord. EVIL. I mean, what sort of name is "Tibet", anyway? Why can't they have a normal name like every other country, like Tibetland, or Tibetia? The Bible has a good explanation for this, as it does for everything else.

If we look at the letter T, we will discover that it is the 20th letter in the alphabet. What's 20 times 20? It's 400. What's 400+20? It's 420. Take away a zero and that makes the cursed number 42, which the Godless author of the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy declared to be the meaning of life (as if serving the Kinsman Redeemer isn't the meaning of life).

What about the other letters? The letter I is the 9th letter in the alphabet. What's 9 times 9? 81. The exact opposite of the number 18. 18 represents the word "life" in...well, Hebrew (but the authentic Christian Aryan Hebrew, not that kosher kike Hebrew we're told is the real thing). What does 18 also stand for? The letters "A" and "H", and we know who that is, right? So basically, the letter I is 81, which means it's the OPPOSITE of 18, the OPPOSITE of what our glorious Fuhrer stood for, and the opposite of life, which is DEATH!

What about B? B is the 2nd letter. B is the third letter in the word "Tibet". What's 2x3? It's 6. What do you get if you get three sixes together? That's right. 666, the number of the beast!

What about the letter E? It's the 5th letter. 5x5 is 25. The 25th letter in the alphabet is Y. One word beginning with "Y" is "Yid", which is every God-fearing Christian's eternal enemy. That's another word beginning with "E" - "enemy", which is what the Tibetans are to us, I'm afraid.

Lastly, we have the letter T again. What's 20x20? It's 400. What's 400 and 42? 442. If we add 224 to 442, we get 666 again. What further proof does anyone need that the Chinese government would be right to rid the earth of this evil race?

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