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Sunday, March 16, 2008

Living the Dream: Enhancing your Life through Zionism

Here is David Heschel Finkelburg's amazing 12-step programme. No further comment by me is necessary.

Living the Dream
By David Heschel Finkelburg
Zionism is an inspiration to millions of people, despite being misunderstood, and often discredited by those who do not understand it. Although it was used successfully to transform a country into a marvellous wonder of progress and democracy, from what was formerly just a desert with a few swamps and trees in it, few have harnessed the life-changing potential of zionism to improve their own souls, until recently, when I brought out my book, which everyone should buy, for the fair and affordable price of only £25.99. Now, with my book, and with my easy to follow twelve-step programme, you can learn how the pioneering spirit of zionism can be used to enhance your own life, by applying the principles that drove the brave fighters of 1948 to chase countless people from their homes, to your own inner self, and discover hidden depths to your personality, unlocking your true nature and realising your potential.

The twelve steps outlined here may seem too good or too simple to be true, or even too disturbing to be taken seriously, but they have proven benefits which have transformed millions of lives - and, of course, Palestinian houses. They have helped many people realise their inner natures, and by following these simple steps, you too could be living the zionist dream, as a settler in the West Bank, throwing stones at your neighbours and screaming abuse at passers-by.

Step One
Step Two
Step Three
Step Four
Step Five
Step Six
Step Seven
Step Eight
Step Nine
Step Ten
Step Eleven
Step Twelve

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