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Sunday, March 30, 2008

Revelations 2: Divine Justice

A few days ago, I described an extract from the forthcoming sequel to Revelations, which was recently revealed to me when I was lying in the bath. A sequel, you might say? But isn't the original always best, especially when it comes to the Bible, that holiest of books?

Don't be too sure. The idea came to me when I was being visited by an angel. If you don't believe me, you can look her up. Her name's Tracey and she lives in the same village I do, above the chippie. She came to me while I was in the bath, and nobody else was at home, so it was just me and her. All my wives went back home to their families at Easter so the house was quiet.

Anyway, enough about Tracey, I don't want any of my wives finding out, although I don't believe women should be allowed access to computers anyway so it's not likely they'd look.

It's about a young guy called John Son of Samuel who leaves the Holy Land and travels around the world trying to spread the Gospel. Before you say that it's unoriginal, don't forget that this is the Bible we're talking about. A book with pages and pages of writing about so and so being the son of somebody else, so what's the harm in a bit of repetition?

I began the story with my last entry, when John Son of Samuel travelled to the evil, God-forsaken land inhabited by Dragan Drugavic, who was eaten by a millipede for insulting his mental health. We will now return to John's story.

"Oh Lord," John did cry out. "What is thy problem? Get thy cursed millipede away from me! It's eating me! And nobody around me doeth understand English (for that was now the language of the Holy Land) so I cannot cry out for help!"
"Shut up," cried a voice from heaven, and the millipede vanished. "I did send that millipede to avenge your honour, so thou must stop complaining!"
"OK," John did say, falling to his knees. "You are the Lord, so your judgements are always righteous."
"Now," sayeth the Lord. "Leave this place, it is cursed. Go to the land of the Sepharites."

"Sepharites?" sayeth John. "What are those?"
"It is a land far away," sayeth the Lord. "I do not expect thee to understand my judgements, but once thou art there thou shalt find the city of the Barcelonites, and stay there until I give you my next instructions."
"Your judgement is great, for I have been there," John did say. "I do lust after the Barcelonite girls, and I do love their parties."
"Oh dear," sayeth the Lord. "Maybe thou art the wrong person for this holy task."

To be continued ...

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