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Sunday, March 16, 2008

Step Eleven

Step Eleven: Realise that you have the power to change reality. Step Eleven encapsulates what each of the previous Ten Steps has been about. At its simplest, Step Eleven means that if your views are different to reality, you have the power to carry on as though it's your views that are real, and not reality itself. If you have trouble understanding what this means, which if you are taking anything I say seriously, you probably will, imagine you, with all your thoughts, hopes, emotions, and fears, and imagine the world outside. If you have managed to apply Steps 1-10 successfully, you may have realised that it is the world inside your mind which counts. After all, it's your world, it only belongs to you, and nothing can take it away from you. It was granted to you by a Higher Power, which may be God, or it may be something else.

Where it is impossible to avoid the real world, it is always possible to change it to try and fit your hopes and aspirations. This is the case for the Israeli government, and it could be true for you, too.

How One Couple Changed Reality and Transformed their Lives

George and Sophie lived next door to neighbours whom they disliked. The neighbours were loud and noisy and had several children, who frequently came home late at night and behaved antisocially. On several occasions the children had broken the windows of George and Sophie's house, by kicking their footballs into them.

One day, Sophie turned to George after the latest terrible incident, during which the neighbour's oldest son, Mark, had given her a dirty look and laughed about her to his friends. "Wouldn't it be nice if they didn't live here?" Sophie said. Her husband agreed. That night, Sophie and George both climbed over their neighbour's fence, taking several crowbars and some hammers, which they used to smash up the children's play equipment, as well as a can of petrol, which they poured on the neighbour's lawn, and then climbed back over the fence, although not before George threw a lighted match into the neighbour's garden.

The neighbours left almost immediately the next day. In this way, Sophie and George were able to transform their own reality, thereby restoring an emotional balance to their lives, which were improved infinitely with the neighbours gone. When other villagers challenged them, either because they didn't like them or because they didn't know the full facts, they replied that it shouldn't be such a problem for the neighbours, who had brought it on themselves, because there were other houses in the village which looked just like theirs, in streets which even had similar names.

By adopting Sophie and George's approach to problem-solving, you too can enhance your life. Ignoring reality allows you to be inflexible, and it will in time mean that you will never feel yourself to be wrong on anything, meaning that your self-esteem will be enriched.

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