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Sunday, March 16, 2008

Step Five

Step Five: Open your mind and heart to zionist propaganda. If Israel describes its actions as "voluntary" and "humane", as in "voluntary transfer", and you have the slightest doubt that its policies are one hundred percent perfect and in accordance with the highest moral standards in the Western World, then it is essential to accept that you are wrong. Examine yourself for the source of this doubt, and reapply Steps 1-4 if necessary. You do not have the answers to everything, so accept that if anything makes you uneasy, it is as a result of your own inner feelings, which you have yet to resolve.

Harry arrived in Israel but shortly after his visit he was disturbed by several things which he found alarming, including seeing a house being knocked down, and seeing IDF soldiers beat someone up. He unsuccessfully tried to apply Steps 1-4, but then failed, and left, declaring, "Israel's completely fucked up! I'm leaving - fuck zionism!" Harry made the mistake of not applying Step 5 and accepting that there may be a more positive explanation for these sights, and broadening his mind to different views and alternative possibilities, such as the possibility that the bulldozed house may have been inhabited by terrorists, and that the person being beaten up may also have been a terrorist.

By failing to apply Step 5, he closed his mind, and as a result became angry and bitter, attending several anti-war demonstrations and reading books by Norman Finkelstein.

Avoid making the same mistakes he did, open your mind and consider the possibility that all in your life may not be as it seems. This can only lead to a positive, more emotionally empowered existence.

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