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Sunday, March 16, 2008

Step Nine

Step Nine: Realise that you can have anything you want, if you want it. Nowhere is this more true than in Israel, where people can be thrown out of homes they've lived in for years so that settlers can move in. In your journey to self-fulfillment and self-aggrandisation, it is important to remember that wishful thinking will not help you achieve your goal, but could impede you from actualising it. If you want someone's car, but do not have the money, or you enjoy the view from someone's house, but do not feel able to live there, don't let this stop you trying to change your dream into a reality. With dreams, anything is possible.

How One Man's Dream was Realised

Steve moved to Israel several years ago, but found that he was becoming dissatisfied with his life, and especially where he lived. "I hated the view," he says. "Every day I would look out of my window and see cars. I didn't come here to live in a city. I wanted to go to the countryside."

By applying Step Nine, Steve was able to turn his dream of a peaceful existence in the countryside into a reality, by walking onto the lawn of a Palestinian family and building a house. When the family tried to intervene, Steve applied Step Four and was able to act disproportionately enough to realise his goal, with help from friendly IDF soldiers.

By keeping in mind Step Nine, you will be able to maintain a positive, go-getting attitude to life, just like Steve.

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