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Sunday, March 16, 2008

Step One

Step One: Realise that there are no Palestinians.

The simple, amazing truth is that if you are holding back, even while reading my words, from fully embracing your inner love of Israel out of a guilt about Palestinians, that you do not have to worry. They do not exist. They are a product of your subconscious mind, which probably created them as a result of childhood trauma or relationship stress. Your mind is the only obstacle holding back your psychic journey to happiness. Once you realise that your main barrier to fulfilling zionism's goals - and yours - lies within you, not in Palestine, you can literally feel the difference, as you progress towards a guilt-free, Palestinian-free existence.

Case Study

One of my clients was called John. He came to me, feeling dissatisfied in his job, feeling that his boss constantly demanded too much of him. He usually worked overtime and his health and social life were suffering, due to his boss's attitude sapping away his psychic energy. John's life became filled with work-related stress and he was unable to relax, even when at home.

John's boss was Palestinian.

One day, John asked himself why he let his work, and a man who did not actually exist, but was in fact imaginary, dominate his life to the extent that he was unable to relax in the evenings or sleep well. He came to the incredible, life-enhancing conclusion that since this man was not real, his opinion did not matter. He found the confidence within himself to leave his job and travel to the Promised Land, simply by the force of this powerful revelation.

If you, too, are tired of feeling a sense of guilt about people you have never met, who have never hurt you in any way, and who only exist in your mind as a result of psychological trauma, simply keeping in mind that they do not exist can produce life-changing consequences. Why let your life be ruined by these imaginary people? Why not ruin their lives for a change?

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