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Sunday, March 16, 2008

Step Seven

Step Seven: Realise that absolutely everything could potentially kill you, and you have the right to defend yourself against this threat to your life. This is really an extension of Step Six. However, Step Seven is still more profound, and if applied correctly, can serve to harness and utilise your new-found feelings.

Gwendoline had a heart condition which, doctors had advised, could be aggravated by shock. Her neighbours had a large dog which frequently jumped up at her, and at times she had been rather frightened by it, especially since it had nipped her on one or two occasions. On returning home from her visit to the doctors', she decided to take action, since the dog could potentially cause her a heart attack by barking at her and shocking her by jumping up.

When she saw the dog next, she made the decision to take a pre-emptive strike, and threw a brick at it whilst it was out walking, in order to protect herself. Unfortunately, the brick hit her neighbour instead, rather than the dog, and an ambulance had to be called. Empowered by the Twelve Steps, Gwendoline knew that collateral damage was an unfortunate consequence of defending herself against unwanted attack, and she had every right to take the decision she did, since the risk to her heart by the dog jumping up justified her taking this action.

Although people criticised Gwendoline for her actions, she could stand up proudly, knowing that she did the right thing. If your life is threatened, or if you feel it to be, remember that nothing in the world can ever replace it. You are a valuable human being, and you have every right to take action to secure your own safety, regardless of what others may say.

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