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Sunday, March 16, 2008

Step Six

Step Six: Embrace your paranoia. Sadly for many of us, the world can be a hostile, harsh place. If you feel that someone does not like you, the chances are that they probably don't. If you didn't have any grounds for feeling this way, there is no way in hell you would be taking this seriously.

Is there any way to change this depressing situation? The answer is no. Paranoia, far from being the unhealthy, destructive emotion it is portrayed as in the media, which is now becoming as bad as that of Nazi Germany, is a healthy part of life, essential for your safety and happiness. Ignoring your paranoia can be immensely harmful, both for you, and those around you.

You can embrace your paranoia by writing letters to newspapers and posting comments on websites describing how Europe will be entirely swamped by Muslim immigration in five years, and how printing photographs of Palestinians, who, remember, don't exist, killed by Israeli helicopters is the start of the second Holocaust. If you still do not feel ready to move to Israel yet, you can nurture your paranoia by cultivating a number of stimulating hobbies, such as looking out of your window at the neighbours in case they are plotting against you, and complaining to friends and family about how biased everything is, ever.

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