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Sunday, March 16, 2008

Step Ten

Step Ten: Realise that you can never have enough expensive weapons. After all, through the previous Nine Steps, we have established that you are constantly under attack, and even more importantly, you are valuable, and precious, and have the right to defend yourself against any kind of threat to your well-being, whether that is emotional, psychological, or physical. Weapons can help bring out qualities you never knew you had, such as brutality and aggression. If you would like to explore these hidden depths to your personality, Step Ten is essential. If you feel any doubts over this, remember that other people have done the same to you, and even if they haven't, they probably would do so, given half the chance.

If other people question why, for example, you have so many large kitchen knives, you can simply answer that they are necessary for cooking. While saying they are necessary for self-defence is an honest answer, it might be a bad idea to take this line with family and friends. Alternatively, you could adopt the approach favoured by one of my clients, Carol.

One day, Carol's friend Sarah came to visit her house. They went into the kitchen to have dinner and Sarah started pointing out the fact that Carol had what appeared to be a large number of knives and a few chainsaws on the table. "Don't be ridiculous," Carol said. "I'm not going to say whether those are mine or not. For all you know, the builders doing the extension on our house might have left them there". Sarah nodded and said, "OK," although she did not stay for dinner and soon went home.

As Carol discovered, this was an effective way of dealing with unexpected questions. She felt better about herself and was able to relax, safe in the knowledge that she was assertive and mature enough to deal with the challenging situation. Incorporating Step Ten into your life has untold benefits, such as the fact that it can dramatically reduce the risk of your being a victim of crime.

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