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Sunday, March 16, 2008

Step Twelve

Step Twelve: Spread the word! If zionism has helped you, as it has me, and countless other people, why hold back its benefits to others? Take the opportunity to talk about the greatness of Israel and how my simple twelve-step programme has benefitted you, all the time. Encourage them, using force if necessary, to buy my book, too, which is available for a very reasonable price, far more reasonable than all the other self-help books out there.

You may be responsible for incredible things, like Israel becoming the most hated country on Earth, as opposed to only the second most hated after the USA, which would be a momentous achievement, given the billions of people who have a reason to dislike the USA in some form. Countless people will be able to literally feel the difference as they live by the principles outlined in my programme, and will be able to journey to a happier, fulfilled, more inspiring life, and discover the power of positive thinking. Won't that be amazing?

For anyone who says that anything I say is "bollocks", I have one question. Do you say that any other book is also bollocks? What about Delia Smith's cookery books - what about the time I got food poisoning because the recipe told me to cook the meat for such a short time? Shouldn't you criticise that if you're going to criticise me?

If you buy my book and enjoy it, please look out for other titles in the series, such as that by my esteemed friend Aung Thaung, "How the Burmese Junta's food restrictions can help YOU lose weight!"

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