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Sunday, March 16, 2008

Step Two

Step Two: Ditch unhelpful, uptight feelings about "international law" and "morality".

Now, we have established with Step One that the Palestinians do not exist, it makes sense to let go of those unhelpful feelings and thoughts which hold you back from unlocking your inner nature. Some of my clients have reported that even after fully implementing and working with Step One in their daily lives, they still face difficulty with the thoughts and feelings that are produced by these non-existent Palestinians, who are waging a form of psychological terrorism and impeding us from realising our destiny.

The effects of this terrible trauma can manifest themselves in a variety of ways, such as unnecessary reliance on non-prescription drugs, compulsions, or even crime. Only by breaking free from the prison of low self esteem, guilt and imposed morals and expectations, can we discover who we truly are, and break the habits of a lifetime.

How zionism transformed one woman's life

Jane had had a difficult childhood, which had eventually driven her to become hooked on drugs in her teens. Her sense of shame enabled her to become further and further drawn into a perilous addiction. However, her life changed when, as she says, she started thinking about Israel. "Whatever I'd done, it couldn't be as terrible as what the Israeli government are doing," she says, "and yet I'm the one selling my body for my next fix, not them. They had no guilt or shame whatsoever. It was amazing. Realising that was an incredible, life-changing moment." She says that she suddenly felt all the guilt surrounding her past life "melt away".

Jane immediately gave up crack, and used the money she had saved to fund a trip to Israel. Six months later, she is a mother of three children, living in a settlement in Hebron, and lives an idyllic life, throwing stones from her balcony onto human rights workers. "Zionism helped me be the person I never dreamed I could become," she says.

Wouldn't you like this to be you?

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