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Thursday, March 20, 2008

Victory in Iraq!

So, after 5 years, we have finally won the war against the forces of darkness, as the President says, it is a "victory". What can I say, except that this remarkable speech by our leader proves all the anti-American propaganda questioning our decision to go to war to be utterly false. What more proof do you need that Iraq is now a democracy as good as any other - although once we pull out, this will probably change, as those filthy Ay-rabs aren't exactly suited to it, are they? This is a sorry day for all the heathen infidels who President Bush has devoted his life to crushing, and all the Jews and liberals who have been the President's detractors.

I am truly sorry that at the end of 2008, he will be leaving us for good, he has been the best President America has ever had, and he has almost tempted me to go and live there again, although after thinking that, I remembered that it was in America that I first realised the spoon's destroying power as a formidable weapon when placed into the hand of a Jew, when I was brutally chased out of a kosher restaurant in New York, by the chef for daring to declare God's message.

The fact that we have victory in Iraq shows that one day we will have victory in the wider battle, that between the brave Aryan Christian warriors and the forces of Satan. And what better way to prove this by the fact that a dirty kike, who my son, who, and I don't often admit this to people but sometimes I have had thoughts of, well, disowning, because I tell you he is the absolute bloody limit, associates with, said to me - TO ME! (a minion of Satan dares to speak to me and tell me their opinion?) that they "don't do military" and wouldn't want to serve in God's Army because it would mean being a "baby killer". It shows that they are scared, scared of the power of the Lord, which one day will engulf them.

Onward, Christian soldiers!

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