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Thursday, April 10, 2008

A danger in our midst

A horrible decision has just been taken in the dark corridors of power of my local parish council. A new restaurant is being built, right by my Church, in what I consider to be a blatant provocation to members of the Christian Identity community. The so-called chefs in this place describe themselves as "Little Drippington's first Lebanese restaurant". In other words, they are Muslims.

And if that wasn't bad enough, it's a restaurant, and a restaurant means that there will be more spoons coming into the village, because after all it's difficult to find a restaurant that doesn't stock them on principle. I mean, I never even go into restaurants any more, because I always see the disgraceful sight of spoons being dipped into soup or being used to eat cakes. Why can't those people use knives and forks, or if they find this too difficult to do with soup, drink it out of the bowl? It's easy enough to do - I mean why not show some sensitivity to other people's beliefs?

The problem is that the last time I voiced my concerns at the parish council meeting, I was laughed at and called a "nutter" and told to "get a life". Well, I would like to ask all the citizens of our village this. Are you happy with Muslims setting up their restaurants in the heart of our community? Are you happy with Muslims being here at all? I mean, all of those people in their funny clothes that you see at the village shops look so foreign, don't they? Sooner or later, they might want to build a mosque! Just imagine, a mosque in our village, which has been British and Christian for thousands of years.

Sooner or later, we won't be living in England any more! If we still are!!

When I raised these points at the meeting, I was told that I was being a "hypocrite", because the religion I follow only dates from the 19th century and was made popular by Queen Victoria, who was German. But can't they tell that it's different? It's the true word of God whereas Islam is a false and evil religion, which worships the moon rather than the one true Lord. Anyone should be able to tell the difference between Christian Identity and Islam, shouldn't they?

I mean, we and the Islamofascists have some similar rituals, like stoning people who disagree with us to death, or not letting women work, but there the similarity ends. We do these things for the glory of God, but THEY do them because they hate God and hate Jesus and want to subjugate us all to their will.

So I'm asking the people of Little Drippington to think before they tolerate such evil as a Lebanese restaurant in their midst, because by doing so they will be condemning themselves to dhimmitude. They'll be sorry!


anacarlo said...

This is surely a further evidence of the 'International Falafal Conspiricy' in our midst! Giving a nod to the Evil Elders of Zion who over the centuary's laid a plan to overthrow the very reverend government of the USA, using their sneeky Jewry ways to infiltrate Pretzels onto the White House snack shopping list, the fruition of their demonic plot causing a blockage in the trachea of our saviour in chirst G.W. Bush and only thwarted by a quick thinking Aide using the Hienrich Himmler Manouver to remove the assassins bread stick.

Can the residents of Little Drippington not see the similarities? both Pretzels and Falafels are crunchy and foriegn (research has shown that Jews and Arabs can cope with these types of food because they already have quite a bit of sand in thier diets) and that this incursion into their rural idyll is surely an attempt to gain control of the Parish Council by 'taking out' the chair person or even minute taker with their sneeky underhand food, thus paving the way for them to invite their cousins over and set up some kind of Souk.

Again, Pastor you are welcome for the link i am humbled to be able to provide a sign post to the pyre that is your faith and on which the sinner and heretic shall be roasted.

Thanks for the reciprocation.

Z_Thackaray said...

Yes, it surely is. You are quite right about the similarities between Pretzels and Falafels. Both are vegetarian and both are produced by evil, subhuman INFIDELS and are designed to murder brave White people like George W Bush, who has done so much for his COUNTRY.

Z_Thackaray said...

And you are quite welcome. May the Lord bless you for exposing the truth :D :D :D