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Sunday, April 20, 2008

A defender of the truth speaks out!

It is our Fuhrer, Adolf Hitler's birthday today, a day which should be set aside for celebration and reflections upon the life of this great man, but unfortunately for National Socialists across the world, has now become a time of persecution and despair. A respectable figure at one of Britain's top universities, the venerable Nicholas Kollerstrom, is being cruelly persecuted by left-wing extremists for daring to tell the truth about the so-called holocau$t, which as you will probably know is that Jewish plot to decieve the world about the six million Jews who supposedly "died" during our glorious Fuhrer's sacred campaign to purify Germany, as well as Europe, of its undesirable elements, a noble task, made especially difficult due to the fact that the Germans, well, they're not British, are they? They're foreign, so naturally, most of them will be undesirable.

It wasn't just Jews of course, according to the filth who want to desecrate the memory of our sacred Fuhrer, but many other races cursed by the Lord. It's no coincidence that the other so-called victims of Nazism include the gypsies, that lazy, good for nothing, subhuman race, only good for selling pegs on the roadside and trying to steal people's swans, that evil race of savage Serbs and their Russian friends who tried to TURN THE WHOLE WORLD COMMUNIST, and, last but not least, HOMOSEXUALS. Not content with trying to infiltrate the Nazi party, this evil group of mincing queers had to then whine about how they were "persecuted", sullying the great and noble name of the SS. How dare they rub salt into the wounds of a defeated National Socialism by claiming that they, not the heroes who did everything to stop this horror, were fighting on the side of righteousness, and then displaying their true goal, by destroying the sacred institution of marriage, sixty years after the war had ended?

Can you imagine a worse group of "allies" in the world than this? Given the outrages that they have perpetrated on the world, it is no surprise at all that the Nazi party wanted to defend Germany! Why, just the other day, I saw a most distasteful sight, as I drove past a park with caravans parked in it, and a few plastic bags littered on the floor. And left-wing extremists view HITLER as bad? What about this burgeoning environmental catastrophe? Had he not been so prematurely stopped, he might have saved us all from a tidal wave of pollution caused by the gypsy menace!

Is it really any surprise that this collection of unworthy and inferior people want to insult our glorious Fuhrer's memory by saying that instead of a divine mission of self-defence to rid the world of our enemies, what happened was not only unnecessary, but "evil"? How can you call a campaign to "fight against the Jew and do the will of the Lord" evil - I mean Adolf Hitler was doing the will of God, so that cannot be evil! He said so himself! Are we living in 1984 here, when you cannot even express admiration for Hitler without being called a Nazi? I am a proud supporter of the Nazis, but that is beside the point. The point is that I might not want people to necessarily know that, and neither might Mr Kollerstrom, given the politically correct stranglehold that opponents of that great fight for the salvation of Europe have upon our society. This outrageous persecution is simply a violation of free speech, which the wonderful Adolf Hitler would never have tolerated, given his commitment to justice for all.

He would simply have put those responsible for this fascist outrage into a forced labour camp where they belonged, where they could not ruin the lives and reputation of the brave warriors who are simply trying to speak their admiration for this amazing, misunderstood man. When the great day dawns, these people will be given the punishment they deserve for tarnishing the image of a group of upright, honest statesmen who led Germany and its allies to the best of their ability before being tragically defeated before they could finish what they felt they were called to do.

Heil Hitler!


Anonymous said...

Zi nisht meshuggeh! I don't know about you Zachele, but I couldn't be proud of a man who made his little niece make poopie on him. Feh!

--Solly Besser, Boca Raton

Z_Thackaray said...

Solly, my old friend! You are absolutely right, I am glad to see you are still fighting the brave fight against such perversions as what you have just described! How are you?