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Monday, April 14, 2008

Entering Hell by the back door

On Saturday evening, myself and a group of committed Christians from our Church decided to explore some of the local heritage in our nearest large town, Sottingbury, which is about twenty miles away. It is important to visit these places before they are overrun by non-Christians, infidels and immigrants from the Third World, who do not have the mental capacity to appreciate them at all and would probably view the glorious heritage of GREAT BRITAIN as an amusement park, rather than something to be defended at all costs, in the spirit of the Crusaders.

First, we went to a restaurant, one of the last ones in the area, tragically, which still serves traditional GREAT BRITISH food. It's called Wimpy. Some of my congregants are still young enough to remember when every GREAT BRITISH town had a Wimpy. In what must have been a cruel twist of fate, two of my congregants were violently ill shortly after eating most of their burgers and chips, and I am left with a very severe stomachache - caused, no doubt, by the Jews who wanted to prevent us enjoying our traditional meal.

Afterwards, myself and my congregants who were not afflicted by the cruel trick of Satan went to a pub called the Rainbow, which I thought was the most appropriate pub for a Christian group to have a gathering, as the Rainbow symbolises God's covenant with Noah in the Bible.

You might think that Identity Christians should not drink alcohol, and you would be right, but the pub is such a traditional part of OUR GREAT BRITISH culture that we felt we must show solidarity, before it is replaced with a mosque and an edict issued forbidding law-abiding non-Muslims from drinking, as is bound to happen if the politically correct dhimmicratic establishment get their way. We were quietly sitting down to study the Bible and reflect on what we had done that day, when I saw a sight that should anger and revolt anyone who fears the Lord.

Yes, two men, one with a truly appalling effeminate haircut, were standing just inches away from our small group of God-fearing Christians and ... they were ... they were actually ... words cannot bring myself to describe it, but they were .... they were ... they were ... oh Lord, it is hard for me to type this, and forgive my crude and revolting language, but they were ... they were kissing. With tongues.

Is this what our society is becoming, when just a few hundred years ago, anyone caught behaving so unnaturally would be hanged on the spot? What has happened to our moral and spiritual values? But there was worse! As we tried to study the Bible together, notably the passage describing how homosexuals should be stoned to death, to shield our eyes from this terrible sight, a member of my congregation who is known for her sensitive disposition nearly choked on her mineral water as she saw yet another appalling sight. I had never been sure that such a thing existed, and had never wanted to believe that it did, until I saw it for my own eyes.

Two women were standing near the pool table, and they were holding hands and ... doing the same appalling, sinful, abominable thing that the two men just before our very eyes were doing. One of the women even had her hands on the other woman's rear end, and as for all the naked flesh on show! I was appalled! And as we looked around we realised that here we were, we had entered a gathering place of the minions of Satan themselves, a fact borne out by the ghastly music, like "I will Survive" and the greatest hits of Abba, which was constantly and loudly played!

As we tried to get out, we realised that we could not. A huge, monstrous man winked at me, and I felt a very unnatural feeling, but only momentarily, and when I looked again at him I was filled with horror as I remembered what Jesus and God both had to say about this issue. I honestly was. I don't, as a Christian, harbour feelings for other men or anything. Honestly. I don't feel any attraction towards men, and there are so many women in the world that can swear to this. I really don't. I am a God fearing Christian who obeys the Lord.

By the time we all left, it felt as though I had entered Hell itself, with the Satanic music blaring out and all the sinners congregating there. If I did not know better, I would have thought that I had just had a near death experience, a fact which could well have been the case for all I know, given what Sottingbury is like on a Saturday night, or was when we left. If we had not left when we did, who knows what would have happened, and what terrible temptations we would have succumbed to? I am for one very glad that we did, and I really mean that!!

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