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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

First your dishwasher - then the world!

Is there no end to the tragic genocide cruelly imposed on White dishwashers? The latest Dishwasher Preservation Society report thinks not. If this horror is not stopped, instead of your dishwasher, it could be you or even your child, drowning in soapy water and unable to cry out as you have sharp implements poked inside your sensitive parts by some foreign immigrant in a crude attempt at "maintenance". Their latest report gives no doubt that Eurodishwashia is on its way, and our functional, efficient White dishwashers will be its first victims, as well as evidence that White dishwashers are superior to Blacks.

Dishwasher Preservation Society Update

A comparison of two reviews, that of the Black dishwasher, and the White Compact dishwasher SKT5102, reveals an interesting fact that the Political Correctness lobby have been trying to conceal for many years. Out of 67 customer reviews, our White dishwasher gained four ticks out of a possible five, whereas from 29 customer reviews, the Black dishwasher scored only three and a half ticks out of five, giving a strong indication that the White dishwasher works far more efficiently and is a far better dishwasher overall than its Black counterpart.

The enemies of our dishwashers would like to portray White and Black dishwashers as being equal. This is the biggest lie in the history of household appliances, as the customer reviews clearly show. What is wrong with coming out and admitting the truth - White dishwashers are superior? What is it that everyone, the Jewish lobby in particular, is so desperate to hide? Some naive, "anti-racist" readers of this page will reply that since the same dishwasher is produced in a variety of different colours, that this proves our theory incorrect. Nothing could be further than the truth.

And in any case, what is wrong with being proud to have a White dishwasher? What's wrong with wanting all the household appliances in one's house to be White? Surely if there is consistency it means that the kitchen will look better overall? Even one Black dishwasher, with a White washing machine, a White stove, and a White microwave and fridge may spoil the decor of the whole area, and end up casting doubt on the taste of the person who created such a scene. Why are we so frightened of admitting this? What are we so scared of? Have we lost all our pride - how come dishwashers can be produced in so many different colours, but when someone wants to buy a White dishwasher, it is accused of looking "boring"?

Let's compare the prices of these dishwashers. If we do so, we discover something rather interesting. The first White dishwasher from Kelkoo is worth £359.00 overall, whereas an apparently "identical" Black dishwasher is worth £369.00, clearly implanting messages in people's minds that because it is Black, it is "worth more", and encouraging people to think that it will be of a superior quality, despite all the evidence being to the contrary. WHY ARE THEY DOING THIS?

Eurodishwashia will be a reality in a few years unless the White race WAKE UP and STOP buying Black dishwashers, stop throwing White dishwashers away, even if they don't work, and encourage all of our friends and family to do the same, otherwise it won't just be our dishwashers' future at stake, but ours too.

The only "power" in your dishwasher should be WHITE POWER!

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