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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

FOREIGNERS - How to spot them!

We live in dangerous times.

GREAT BRITAIN is having her culture, her way of life and her very existence threatened by a bewildering array of enemies, old and new. Who could not fail to be horrified at the sight of Islamic hordes engrossed in the evil act of buying baklava and samosas from their so-called "corner shops", or the Polish bread that seems to be springing up like poisonous mushrooms on every supermarket shelf?

Only a left-wing activist could remain unmoved by such travesties, by people bent on destroying our glorious island nation. Yet time and time again, we are persuaded by ZOG, that shadowy elite that controls everything that we do, that there is nothing to worry about, that letting immigrants live in your town, in your street, or even WALK PAST YOUR HOUSE is a normal, natural state of affairs. How could we have fallen victim to such multi-culturalist propaganda?

Sometimes, you cannot even tell who these alien invaders of our territory are, since they do not look obviously "different" and have even STOLEN OUR ACCENTS in some cases. How, then, do we distinguish them from the respectable GREAT BRITISH citizen?

Read on!

How to Spot a Foreigner: Our Handy Guide

In our extensive research into this important subject, we have determined that the following are all characteristics of the alien invader:

  • Speaks funny.
    This is the most important factor in determining whether someone is GREAT BRITISH or from...somewhere else. Of course, this test is not 100% accurate, and many foreigners have been able to decieve nationalist British comrades by the disgraceful act of stealing the GREAT BRITISH accent. And some of our own racial comrades have been reduced to speaking in a "strange" manner by the machinations of our enemies, or by unfortunate accidents of birth.
  • Wears odd clothes.
    (However, by "odd", we don't mean like this, obviously. )
  • Is called something weird.
  • Eats strange food.
  • Doesn't go to Church.
    (At least, not our church. They'd never be allowed in).
  • Has a large number of family members in other countries.
    Isn't it suspicious that someone would have parents and grandparents in, say, Georgia, if they weren't actually Georgian themselves, and therefore foreign? This doesn't apply to any of our honoured white British citizens who go to live in France or Spain, but if someone has family members still living in the Caribbean, or South Africa, or Poland, serious questions need to be asked about their racial integrity.
  • Lives in another country.
    If they live in another country, speak a different language and eat different food then they're almost certainly foreign, or at the very least a filthy traitor to the Anglo-Saxon race. However, since they're not in GREAT BRITAIN it's not necessary to worry about them taking over our heritage so much, although we should keep eternal vigilance anyway, just in case.

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