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Friday, April 25, 2008

Further proof of the Satanic origin of the so-called "teachers' strike"

The Liberal Democrats have called for teachers to sign a no-strike agreement. Quite right too!

My latest research suggests that anyone associating with the organisation, the so-called "National Union of Teachers" may need to seriously reconsider their position, or worse.

Let's look at those words, the National Union of Teachers. It's usually abbreviated to "NUT", right?

How many letters are in that abbreviation? There are three letters. With the "of" it would be four, "NUoT". However, the "of" usually is left out. So what number do you get if you add 3 and 3 together - 3+4-1? We get 6.

Do you see where this is going?

Now, let's look at each word in full - the word "national", for instance. There's nothing wrong with that word - because if we add three more letters to it, we get "nationalism". However, "national" has seven letters in it, and if we were to add another three letters, N, U, T, to "nationalism" we'd end up with "nationalismNUT" - a word which has thirteen letters in it. 13!

What's 13 times 6? 78. If we take away 1 from 6 and add one to 8, then we end up with 69, a number with highly inappropriate connotations, especially for a teachers' union that is supposed to be educating our children. One wonders what they are educating them in. Pornography?

Now, let's look at that word "union". If it reminds you of trade unions, as in GODLESS COMMUNISTS, that's because that's what they are. But anyway. There are five letters in "union". If we add 3 to it, we get 8. 8 is a multiple of 2. If we take 2 away from 8, we get 6 again. And if we add 5 to 6, we get 11. 11 and 2 are 13.

How about the word "of"? You will remember that without the word "of" there would be three words in the whole thing, and 3 times 2 is another 6. So far, we've had three 6's, and any God-fearing Christian should know what that means. But there is more. What is 3 times 6? It's 24. If we take away 1 from 24, we get 23, a number which has heavy assocations with the Illuminati.

Finally, about that word "teachers". There are seven letters in it, rather like the word "national" that also has seven letters. If we add seven and seven together we get fourteen. What's wrong with that? Quite a lot, actually - not least the fact that if we take one letter away, leaving us with the word "teacher", we get 13 again. Then there's the fact that if we put seven and three together to make 37, this can be multiplied by three again to make 111.

3 times 111 = 666.

Aryan Christians, are these the people you want running your schools?

Think about it.

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