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Sunday, April 13, 2008

John Son of Samuel's adventures in Barcelona

Time to carry on the serialised story of what happened next to John Son of Samuel. If you're in my church, you'll be expected to read this story as we go along at our next bible study, so pay attention!

You'll remember that John had to go to the land of the Sepharites because God commanded him. But what happened next?

Lo! John Son of Samuel did arrive in the airport of the Barcelonites, although there was to be some trouble ahead, as the Barcelonite handlers of baggage did down their tools to go on strike. "Oh Lord!" he cried out, when his bag was nowhere to be found, after searching high and low and verily, to the four corners of the airport. "My luggage hast disappeared! Where hath it got to?"

"Do not despair!" said the Lord. "Have patience!"
So John Son of Samuel waited until the clock did strike nine, and then he cried out again, "Lord! I have been waiting in this accursed place for seven hours! Where is mine bag? Lord! How much longer will I have to wait?"
"Don't ask me," said the Lord.

So John did go to the airport information desk, and the attendant did say that the strike would last another day, and there was much wailing and gnashing of teeth.

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