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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

A medical expert answers your questions!

At the Apostolic Sacred Heart Church of Eternal Spiritual Warfare, we held a short question and answer session this Sunday with a doctor from the Christian Identity community, Brother Dwayne de Blessit, from a neighbouring Identity Church. He spoke about the difference between Christian and Jew medicine, which is purely based on so-called science and entirely ignores the will of God. We are most honoured to have been blessed with the presence of such a righteous brother in faith and in race. As a tribute, we have collected some of the questions and answers into the format of an interview. Enjoy, and may you learn something from his God-given wisdom!

Brother Dwayne, why did you become a doctor?

I've always loved cutting up things. Small animals, mostly. I've always loved a challenge, as well. Organs and delicate surgery presented a little bit more of a challenge to me than the usual dead mice and insects that I was used to from my days as a bored, lonely Nazi teenager, and of course one of my great heroes has always been Dr Mengele.

What advice would you give to Identity Christians wishing to go into the medical profession?

Medicine isn't as hard as everyone says it is. Nobody gets it right the first time, that's why it's called "practicing medicine". Don't be afraid of fiddling around a bit. You can't go too wrong. If you know, the worst happens, and you kill someone, just remember that you're doing our people a favour. After all, National Socialism ... it's all about the survival of the fittest, and...God...God often tends to ... dislike sick people.

Can you talk about the difference between Jewish and Aryan medicine?

Yes, the Jews base their medicine on a scientific approach. I'm sure that Pastor Zach - that your pastor has plenty to say about science. Modern science, and modern biology in particular, promotes the theory of evolution, which is basically a Jewish, Satanist plot to ... to stop people believing in God. In Jesus. In everything we believe in, apart from the survival of the fittest, but ummm...umm. Yeah. Anyway. No, our medicine is based on a faith-based approach. We basically just put our faith in the idea that the patient is going to recover, or not, if they're Jewish of course, as the case may be, and then...we hope for the best.

What treatments do you find are the most successful?

Well, one of the most successful, I've found, is faith healing. Now, what happens in faith healing is that I place my hands on whatever part of the body is injured, or wherever the problem is, and pray to God that the Jew - and Satan, who have between them, no doubt caused the person's illness - are punished, and their reign of terror comes to a speedy end. Sometimes, I've got that slightly wrong, and prayed that the person themselves came to a speedy end, by mistake. That minor slip on my part doesn't always go down well, especially when that's what happens. It proves what a powerful tool prayer can be, though.

Another treatment I use is to go by the lunar cycle. Now, I know Pastor Zach has his own opinion on the moon, but I think that the lunar cycle has been incredibly useful in Aryan Christian medicine. I mean, when a woman comes to me with a problem, all I do is look at my chart of phases of the moon, lean forward towards her, and ask her if she has a period. She's usually cured by then, as can be seen by the fact that every woman I've used this treatment on starts shouting at me as soon as I've said it, showing how vigorous and healthy just a few simple words can make someone.

Do you ever use magnets? How about crystals?

Yes, I do, I use both of those things. I am a great believer in alternative therapies. If you don't have the right magnetic field, or if the magnetic field isn't aligned properly, it can all sorts of problems. For example, I once saw a young man whose internal balance was obviously so disturbed, that he started calling me a fraud, and shouting at me. For a moment I was worried that he could have become possessed. So I...I have a large magnet that I obtained from an elderly man in Switzerland, and I positioned it, vigorously, onto my young man's head, about three or four times, until all the energy was completely realigned. He slept quite soundly after that. So soundly that he hasn't actually woken up yet, which I feel is such a positive thing, as he has obviously found a great deal of peace within himself.

How do you tell if someone is possessed, Brother Dwayne? I'm worried Satan might have got to my husband.

In general, there are a few signs that really indicate when someone might be suffering possession by demons. So if your husband's a bit more irritable than usual, or he's changed his behaviour, or he's wandering around town with "666" written on his forehead, then that might be a bit of a cause for concern, although that, of course, is the advanced stage of possession. It might just be as simple as finding that he's watching an 18-rated movie. That's often the first indication.

If you want to get more medical advice from Brother Dwayne, please contact the Pastor at and he will pass your message onto him. God bless!


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