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Sunday, April 06, 2008

Olympic ceremony overrun by TIBET-LOVING HIPPIES

That evil bunch of crypto-Communist pot-smokers seem determined to cause trouble these days, alongside their anarchist counterparts. When they're not aiding our enemies and committing high treason by undermining a perfectly peaceful organisation which merely wants to protect the interests of GREAT Britain and the USA, they're disrupting the Olympic torch relay in the name of that evil race, the Tibetans, who are supposedly being "persecuted". Why, today, they managed to turn that most ancient ceremony (even if it is pagan), the lighting of the Olympic torch, into a grotesque display of Tibetan separatism, wholly orchestrated by the Dalai Lama and his clique.

Do these people not realise what they're doing, by aiding EVIL TIBET and its godless "religion"? Words fail me, they really do.


Anonymous said...

Tibet monks are evil. They attack innocent people. See the evidence here :

Z_Thackaray said...

Wow, how right you are. Those terrible monks from Tibet, attacking innocent Chinese riot police for no reason! They should be ashamed.

joseph said...

i did not see the utube clip. However, i also commented on thackarays blog. I think that we shouldn't criticize and resent them. Rather we should pray for them. i shall put that in my prayer request today too. And i think that should be the first thing that comes into our mind whenever something happens to us. Good or bad. To thank him or to ask him for guidance. Its all about prayer. Also, i think that thackary should have prayed for her child first. And again i ask that u pray for them and pity them. That they don;t know Christ like we do. Good night.