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Monday, April 07, 2008

"Rock music made my child a Satanist"

In the parish newsletter, Onward Aryan Soldiers, this month, is a heartbreaking story from one of my congregants, Susanna Pringle. In 2002, her son Ben started listening to "Christian" rock music such as POD, and in a horrific twist of fate, he became further and further involved in a lifestyle of dark clothes, emo haircuts and eventually, occult ceremonies. She asked me to place her story on the internet as a warning to other parents as well as teenagers who may be tempted to dabble in this sinister world.

"I will never forget the day that I walked into my son's room to find him practising the electric guitar with his friends. I realised something was wrong."

"Are you OK, Ben?" I asked. "Yeah, I'm fine," Ben said. "Mum, can you leave me alone? We're just trying to practice."
I was shocked! My son had never answered back to me before. Horrified, I dialled the Exorcist Hotline, as they had been so helpful when my sister went on an anti-war demonstration. I was shocked at their poor service, as it took me twenty minutes to get through to anyone, and when I finally got through to someone they just told me that an exorcist was not required and that he was probably just "going through a phase".

I was appalled at their customer service, because as a member of the Christian Identity community, I have just as much right to demand an exorcist for a member of my family to anyone else, and I feel that this is an appalling case of discrimination against members of the Christian Identity church. I have just started legal action against the Hotline, due to their appalling negligence, given what happened next, and their total disregard for the rights of their customers.

My son would hardly talk to me when he came home from school. He just seemed to want to go out all the time, and not to Church events either, which he called "boring" and "dull". No, the only thing he seemed to care about was his music and going out with his friends. Bear in mind, my son was 16, the age at which one is most vulnerable to the malign influence of the Occult. One day, while my son was out at his so-called "friends'", I took the opportunity to look through his belongings, as I was so suspicious at his rudeness and the Satanic-sounding music emenating from his bedroom. I was shocked at what I found. Not only did I find several pornographic magazines, but I also saw several drawings of pentagrams and the number "666" on one of his school books.

When Ben came back that evening, I challenged him on his behaviour. He said that I had no business looking through his stuff - a classic antichrist ploy! I was devastated, especially because for most of his life, Ben had been a devout Christian. But now I had an agent of Satan in my very own home, who would not listen to anything I said. And the Exorcist Hotline were singularly unhelpful, telling me, even when I described the contents of his school books that I "shouldn't worry", and even had the cheek to say, "get over it!"

However, Pastor Zach was wonderfully helpful, trying everything he could to beat the devil out of my son, who told him in no uncertain terms which side he was on - saying such obscene expletives as "fuck off" and "you Christian Identity cult pe
ople are mental". Once or twice, my son even begged good Christian men such as Zach and the others in the congregation "to leave him alone" and "stop torturing him" when they hung him upside down from a tree in our garden. How can such language be justifiably used in front of good Christians whose only concern is for the soul? It just shows how far rock music can change a person's personality completely.

Tragically, the exorcism failed, and I had no choice but to throw my son out. He is now living at a friend's house, and sinking deeper and deeper into the Satanist lifestyle every day. Sometimes I cry when I think about what rock music has done to our family, and how a caring, sensitive boy such as Ben could have turned into such a monster, with no regard for the Bible or for God. He now refuses to speak to me when he sees me on the street, which, speaking as a mother, breaks my heart.

I am determined not to let any other family in our Church go through this, which is why I wanted to tell my story, and I also wanted to say that if you listen to rock music, there is hope for you, and that you can be saved, through prayer, repentance and exorcism if needs be. Your life doesn't have to be ruined, there is hope. And if you are thinking about going to that gig, remember that there is far more entertainment to be had in reading the Bible. You don't have to sell out your soul to Satanism.


Joseph Ham said...

um mrs. thackary? i came upon ur site by accident. and to make things clear, im 13 years old and i listen to rock music a lot. And my whole i pod is rock music. However, if i read this earlier, i would have suggested u to introduce him to academy is or fall out boy. They're not exactly christian type but its better than a lot of rock that i came upon. And in my opinion, i think that u did the right thing. And im a boy and i play the bass. However, with the right friends and a loving pastor, i was able to sort of play bass for my church kinda. I just want you to know, porn for a 16 yeaar old boy is ordinary. All part of growing up i think. -__- And i think that with the right guidance, not all rock music can turn people into antichrists. However, i just want to say that im sorry about your son. And i promise that tonight i will pray for your son. to ask for his repentence. i know that u may think that im just another 13 year old boy, and i dont know a lot of things, but as a brother in christ, i will pray for you and your son.

Z_Thackaray said...

Thanks very much for your kind suggestions, and for stopping by my site. I hope you looked at some of the other messages upon it. It's wonderful to have someone so aware of their racial and religious duties at such a young age. Keep it up!

Anonymous said...

Wow....I can't believe how bad of a parent you are..