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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The secret history of World War II that THEY don't want you to know!

I have just been informed by a revisionist friend of the horrific actions of the Soviets during the Finnish-Soviet War in 1939-1940, during which the Soviets aimed to gain control of a Finnish lake in order to take advantage of the sexual proclivities of the Finns for their secret sperm-freezing facility, so that they might use it to out-breed the Aryan race in Europe.

This fact leads me to conclude what I have thought for a long time - that there is so much about World War 2 and the preceding years that has been buried in the mists of time and anyone who attempts to view the war differently from the Judeo-Communist perspective is commonly referred to as a "Nazi", or, ironically for the greatest defenders of political correctness, who claim, falsely, that the PC powers that be's desecration of our language is only about politeness, even a "cunt".

How many people know, for example, that our Fuhrer's liberation of Czechoslovakia was carried out for humanitarian purposes, in order to put a stop to the appalling crimes of evil, inferior Czech peasants, plotting and scheming away in their barns? And how many people know that our Fuhrer did not want war, but in fact had no choice but to fight back in desperation against a well-armed Poland, in view of the attack by the Polish armed forces on a German radio station? Why have these facts been literally erased from the historical record?

If our Fuhrer had been alive today, there would be no doubt that he would be praised for his efforts in fighting the war on terror - especially in apprehending the perpetrators of the Reichstag Fire, which attempted to sabotage and destroy the premises of a democratically elected government. Adolf Hitler did his best to restore public order, and was a man of peace, extending a hand of friendship even to his enemies. Why, then, is he so vilified? I shouldn't even have to ask, should I?

If only Adolf Hitler had succeeded in his struggle for a safer world. Then, perhaps we would not see people swearing in the streets, see buildings being tagged with graffiti, or witness the kinds of scenes we are all used to in town centres at the weekends. Maybe we would see a world where everyone, especially the teenagers, behaved in a more orderly, respectful manner than what we have become accustomed to. We will never find out now.


Rob said...

You are insane

Z_Thackaray said...

If you call trying to set the historical record about our beloved Fuhrer, and preaching the salvation of the White Race "insane", then yes, I guess I am! ;)