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Thursday, April 10, 2008

The ultimate answer to the menace that threatens the West

Further to my last post, it must be stated that in all the discussions of the Muslim menace, there is one solution which is never contemplated, and seldom even joked about, but it is nevertheless a solution which would work. It is the elephant in the room that nobody wants to talk about. It's not deporting all the Muslims back to whatever miserable third world country, like France or Turkey, they came from. It isn't even embarking on a "final solution" involving gas chambers and mass sterilisation programmes, although all options should certainly be considered, keeping in mind the gravity of the threat we face.

No, what I'm talking about is far more ambitious and likely to be even more controversial than that, and it is likely to ruffle more than a few feathers, especially because it goes against so many of the PC dhimmi ideals, like "not creating an environmental catastrophe", "not throwing the earth off its orbit", "not making space a battleground" and "not making huge clouds of dust cover the earth, causing the sun's rays to be blocked from entering the atmosphere, plunging the earth into darkness and creating mass extinctions" that the liberal socialist communist Stalinist fascists of the Guardian and the Independent hold so dear. It's a solution so radical that few people have ever mentioned it before, and yet it is so obvious as to almost defy belief. Yes, what is never talked about, out of political correctness, or fear of "offending Muslims", even by the so-called "anti-jihadists" is something that would be guaranteed to work against the nightmare scenario of an entire world taken over by Islam.

Blowing up the Moon with several giant atomic bombs, assisted by lasers (don't forget the lasers).

I mean, why do we need the Moon anyway? Surely, with the unstoppable growth of Islam in the West, the religion which carries a crescent moon as its symbol and worships it as God, it is increasingly becoming a threat to our national security, and a symbol for Islamofascists to rally around? When do you see the flag of a Muslim country with a sun on it, for example? Surely, faced with the threat of a radical moon-worshipping cult bent on world domination, it would be better to show these sand monkeys that their "god" is false, once and for all? Without the Moon, even the most deluded and mentally sick Islamofascist would have to admit that there wasn't much of a basis to their death cult, wouldn't they?

What has the Moon ever done for us? It's just sat there in the sky for thousands of years, and yes, it's helped sailors to navigate at night, but the stars have also done that, and with modern, Western technology and astronomy (as opposed to that inferior Arab astronomy), it should be possible to get by without the Moon, just as it's possible to get by without the people who worship it. The government steals millions from hard-working British taxpayers to spend on research into this pointless object, and even programmes to send people there. Why do we need it there? Nobody ever questions this, and yet it is one of the great unanswered questions of the century, and something that must urgently be talked about if we are ever to see a resolution to the war on terrorism. Of course we shouldn't get rid of the Moon! people say. Are we allowing it to remain there and provide a focal point for Islamic terrorism because we're scared of upsetting Muslim "sensibilities", or because of some sort of twisted sentimentality?

Why does nobody want to talk about it, despite the fact that it would be the most perfect and obvious solution to what is possibly the biggest threat the world has ever faced? I wish I had the answer. Do you?


anacarlo said...

Ah Pastor Zach your wisdom is truly divine as the Lord moves through you. Destruction of this evil pagan symbol and object of the muslim hordes sacreligious fetishism would not only demonstrate to the lost souls of the world the falicy of islam but would also, in the face of global warming, thwart the mullah's heinious scheme to use the power of the rising tide to devestate our Western Paradise and turn vast tracts of the Saudi Arabian dessert into a vast pleasure beach and top tourist destination. May the lord in his infinate wisdom send them a plague of boils and kill their first born.

Z_Thackaray said...

I couldn't agree more :D x