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Friday, April 04, 2008

Welcome to Eurodishwashia

This map, created by the Dishwasher Preservation Society, puts the abstergent threat we now face in Europe, courtesy of the Helsinki Axis, better than I ever could. Sometimes, pictures speak louder than words. Please click on the above picture to see the work of the evil Finns and their even more evil allies - I don't think any explanation is needed about who they are - in all its soapy, slippery horror. If you can stand seeing what horrors they are about to perpetrate on a weakened, secular Europe which has forgotten how to fight.
This horrific vision, which could be only 20 years away, needs action now. It means that it's even more important to protect and preserve our White dishwashers, and with them, our civilisation. Because soon it could be gone.
Please sign the petition to stop this murderous Finnish conspiracy in its tracks, if you have not already done so. Otherwise Europe, the very birthplace of our civilisation, will be lost forever.

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