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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

What happened to Snappy?

A year ago I posted about my dog, Snappy, who had run away from our home, too much of a lily-livered coward to participate in our ministry. Me and some of the members of my family (many of whom have now left me, sadly) went to go and buy another dog, but unfortunately due to the nature of the liberal cowards who ran the Dogs' Home, were unable to buy one. Perhaps this was a good thing.


We can see several similarities between the Jews and the dogs who've supposedly been "rescued" by organisations like the Dogs Trust and Battersea Dogs Home. Could these so-called "rescue centres" be hiding a dark secret? Let's examine the evidence.

Rescue Dogs - Are they secretly Jewish?

Jews and Rescue Dogs - both "persecuted"

Jews have been targetted throughout history for their strange food, blasphemous beliefs and perverse customs. Barely a day goes by without some incidence of "anti-Semitism" in the world.

Rescue dogs are also, allegedly, the victims of "cruelty" - that's why they are RESCUED. However we need to look at this word "rescue" with all its emotional connotations. Why is debate about this issue so biased towards the animal? What is wrong with letting a dog stay in such conditions? Why the need for such emotional language?

Jews and Rescue Dogs - both maintain a stranglehold over the media

How many times are we told in the media "not to be cruel to animals" and that "dogs die in hot cars"? How many animal rescue programmes are we being treated to on a daily basis? Watching the slanderous portrayal of our great nation and its so-called "cruelty to animals", one might almost imagine that dogs were being sliced to death on every street corner.

There are so many examples of organisations devoted to dogs' welfare and we are always being berated with dog-loving propaganda saying that "Britain is a nation of dog lovers". Is it? Well, nobody asked me!

A similar phenomenon can be seen with "anti-semitism". Need I say more?

Jews and Dogs - both have long noses

This should be reason enough for anyone to suspect a racial similarity between the Jews and our supposed "best friends". Does nobody find that the length of the nose of the average dog bears more than a passing resemblance to that of our Semitic cousins? WHY IS THIS FACT NEVER MENTIONED?

Jews and Rescue Dogs - both seem "nice" then turn around and bite you!

I need hardly go into the number of occasions on which Jews have betrayed those they claimed were their friends, how many wars they've started, how many Aryan children they've roasted for Passover, all the while claiming that they are "innocent". A similar phenomenon can be seen with dogs. How many times have we heard the relentless propaganda of the elite saying in a grotesque parody of 1984, without any evidence, that "dogs are man's best friend"?

Tell that to the people who have been bitten. Tell that to the countless innocent citizens who have been quietly walking only to be jumped on, with muddy paw prints left all over their clothes. Tell that to the people who have experienced sleepless nights due to inconsiderate, dog-loving neighbours. Tell that to the people whose sleep has been disturbed by their own "best friend" howling away in the kitchen.

Some "best friend" dogs are. With friends like these, who needs enemies?

Jews appear to worship God. Dogs appear to worship you.

Yet it is obvious to all that the Jew does not worship God but only money, just as it should be obvious to all that dogs have a black heart and do not worship their human "owners" for their own sake, but rather only to earn their favour, so everyone will say "Oh, what a sweet little doggie!" and be more likely to take them for walks, thereby entrenching them further into their home and parasitically sponging off their wages, food and hospitality. Sound familiar? It should do - this is exactly the same process the Jew uses to systematically enslave the host nation.

Especially "rescue" dogs - their so-called terrible past, just like the Jews' "centuries of persecution" is simply a hoax designed to make us lesser mortals sympathise with them even more and even excuse their wrongdoings.

Besides, the slavish treatment dogs reserve for their owners is pure blasphemy. Every Christian should agree.

Jews hide their religion. Dogs hide their religion.

Why do so many Jews change their names to other, less Jewish ones? Is it because they don't want people to know their "dirty little secret"? And why is it frequently so hard to get Jews to admit they're Jewish? These questions could be covered in another post, but the same applies to dogs. When do you ever hear a dog saying what religion they are - come to think of it, when do you ever hear a dog saying anything at all? When are religion and dogs even mentioned together in the same sentence - apart from when one of them dies? Dare I suggest that the reason for this is because the dogs might be Jewish as well?

What is to be done?

Boycott all dog food, all dog products (brushes, bowls, rawhide chews etc), avoid dog breeders - and tell your Christian friends and family to do the same! Above all, do not repeat my mistake and actually buy a dog, because they're Jewish! Would you let a Jew into your home if they were human? No, so why would you deliberately get a dog when all the evidence points to them being Jewish as well?

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