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Thursday, April 24, 2008

Why doesn't someone think of the children?

Left-wing extremism is a cancer upon society, as has been surely proved today by the fact that the National Teachers' Union decided to jeopardise the future of GREAT BRITISH children by staging a strike across most of the country. How selfish can they possibly get, especially when it is OUR CHILDREN'S future at stake.

The PC Communist ed-jew-cation system has managed to persuade these so-called teachers that they somehow deserve to take a day off work, at the expense of the hard-working GREAT BRITISH taxpayer and the future of this nation, after years of "educating" the future of our race about the virtues of multi-culturalism, as in the song "Baa Baa Rainbow Sheep". The overwhelming evidence is that they do not deserve to play Russian roulette with our children's lives in this disgraceful manner.

After all, just one day off school could make a crucial difference in the life of your child. In the time that your child spent off school today, they could have wandered to the shops and been abducted by gangs of paedophiles, rather than learning valuable lessons. This could have been a crucial day in your child's education, but instead it was squandered, and your child's future has become another victim on the false altar of communism, putting them and their entire lives at risk.

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