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Sunday, May 11, 2008

The theory of EVILution is a lie!

For too long, the discredited theory of EVILution, made up by a godless Anglican atheist, has been taught in our schools and even sometimes in our churches as an accepted scientific fact. This shouldn't be happening.

There is so much more evidence for the Biblical account of the creation story than for something some arrogant Victorian man made up. I mean, EVILution isn't even discussed in the Bible. That's all I need to say. No further arguments are necessary.

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Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Hillary Clinton!

Even though it is my firm belief, as demonstrated in the Gospel of St Michael the Misogynistic, that women must be kept out of politics, not to mention out of sight altogether, I am willing to make an exception in Hillary Clinton's case, partly due to the fact that to look at her, and all she has achieved in her career, one would not think that she WAS a woman, just like that other great female leader, Margaret Thatcher, who surely would not have achieved the great heights which she did in crushing those unwashed commoners and the fifth columnist element bent on destroying our nation and introducing communism, without having masculine qualities.

She was married to that great and distinguished leader, Bill Clinton, who even though he was a socialist piece of Jew-loving scum - in more than one way if you get my meaning, redeemed himself with the fight against those pernicious carriers of evil, the worst people, apart from the Jews, the world has ever known, as well as appreciating the truth of the threat from the most uncivilised, savage enemy - who are so unappreciative of our values that they cannot even bring themselves to be grateful to us for all we've done - that the great nation of America has ever faced. I like a woman who sticks by her husband, no matter what he gets up to in the bedroom. It's what I like in a woman - I have to say with the life I've had, I've got little choice but to like anything else.

Unfortunately, Hillary Clinton looks as though she is going to lose to that Muslim "Afro-Caribbean" socialist piece of scum, Barack HUSSEIN Obama, who isn't American and should not be in the country in the first place. Look what happens when you remove segregation in schools, removing the rightful distance between the White Race and its black inferior - what you get is savage immigrants like him, getting into politics. Isn't it awful? The problem is that he'll probably win, and then we'll have to rename America the United States of Eurabia. Everyone knows that a Muslim in the government= a Muslim government. And if there's one thing everyone knows about Muslims, it's the fact that they HATE EVERYONE WHO'S NOT MUSLIM, in direct opposition to Christian Identity, which is a religion of peace and love, as anyone can see by looking at my blog, or on any Christian Identity website. Is there any hate on here? Of course not!

Besides - he's BLACK! Everyone knows black people have lower IQs and as such are incapable of running countries, or doing anything for themselves, without a president doing it for them, as long as that president is white.

Only Hillary can stop this nightmare scenario, in the absence of my great hope for America, Mike Huckabee. After all, John McCain is too much of a spineless pussy to do what needs to be done to protect the American nation from being attacked by terrorists, even if he is Republican.

So vote for Hillary. I can't, I haven't lived in America for years, but I wish I could. If she wins I'll be getting the next ticket back there!

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Boris and Barnbrook in London - perfect!

Imagine my pleasure when I woke up on Sunday morning to discover that Richard Barnbrook, the BNP candidate for the London mayoral elections, had a seat on the London assembly, despite the attempts of the Finnish temptress to discredit him and his party. This, and the fact that Boris Johnson has become the new Mayor of London, has gone some way to restoring my hope that this 11-year era of socialism is finally coming to an end.

Look forward to a London run so much better than that Communist totalitarian state run by Ken Livingstone. Soon, the old Routemasters will be back, but that is not all! Boris also has silly hair and he is really funny, as well as being politically correct and proud of it - picaninnies, watch out! He also went to Eton, so he is quite honestly, far more qualified to run a huge city like London than even I am, due to his cultured upbringing and high intelligence. He is sure to make the 2012 Olympics a roaring success, and will make Britain proud!

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Sunday, May 04, 2008

Are YOU struggling with unwanted homosexual impulses?

Homosexuality is a severe social problem that affects millions of people every year. Left untreated, it can cause severe impairment, damaging one's social life and even one's personality. You might think that as an Identity Christian, you might be immune to it - or hope so. Unfortunately, this is frequently not the case. Many of the most committed members of the White Nationalist movement and the Christian tevelangelist community have, tragically, lost their battle with homosexuality, with terrible consequences.

If you are struggling with the desire to have sex with men if you are a man, or women if you are a woman (although if you're a woman, I don't know what you're doing reading this), you might feel terribly lost and alone. And so you should, you filthy fag. It's people like you who are destroying this country's moral fabric.

However, there is hope, as two of my most devoted parishioners, Edmund and Bruce, have discovered. They used to be gay, until they renounced their sinful ways and bent themselves over to the Rod of God. Here, Bruce tells his amazing story.

I had always known I was gay. My friends would laugh at me for being camp. And I never, ever had a girlfriend except for that one embarrassing time when I was in year 9 and I went out with the ugliest girl in our year for about a week, because I was scared of people finding out. So when Edmund asked me out it felt so right and natural.

We used to go to gay clubs every Friday and Saturday night with our friends, drink copious amounts of alcohol and sing karaoke. It was great fun. If I could, I'd do it all over again.

The weird thing was that Pastor Zach's church was opposite my house! Nobody paid any attention to them, though. Everyone knew they were just a bunch of crazy Christian nutters, and we had one mate whose auntie was a member of it and she was a raving Nazi. One Sunday morning me and Edmund were still drunk, we'd stayed up all night having "fun" if you know what I mean, and so we decided to go to Pastor Zach's church for a laugh.

Well, we've never stopped laughing since. We now go once every month, and I can quite honestly say that he has fully persuaded Edmund and I to give up our sinful lifestyles. We only go to the pub on Friday now and instead of crossing the road to avoid Pastor Zach like we used to, we now say hello and wave at him in the street.

Thanks, Zach, for giving us hours of entertainment!

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