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Monday, March 21, 2011

About My Ministry

Since I frequently get questions from White people interested in my Church, and Christian Identity in general, I have put together a short pamphlet with questions and answers about Christian Identity and what my ministry in particular preaches. I will add to it as time goes on. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact me.

Is Christian Identity a joke?

No. People actually believe it. Some of what we believe may seem somewhat extreme, or even nonsensical, but we believe it, despite how bizarre it may seem to others. The more faith required to believe something, the more incredible it is that people actually believe it, and the more likely it is that it is true.

What have you got against Jews?

What don't we have against them? Jews have been responsible for every single war in the world, since it was created six thousand years ago. They invented both Communism and Capitalism, and they've even spread their poison to other planets, stopping thousands of years of human progress in its tracks, and impeding our survival - should we ever want to go to Mars, the Jew will already be there. They killed Jesus, as well, and ever since then they've been trying to undermine the Christian religion, by training as priests and pastors and trying to change our doctrines from the inside.

Please click below for the answers to the rest of the Frequently Asked Questions. Your soul may depend on it!

Are you sure you're not lying?

Yes. Why would I lie?

OK. I hate Jews as much as anyone, but someone from your Church just told me I'm not a true Identity Christian. Why?

First of all, are you sure you hate them enough?

Secondly, are you sure you're not doing anything else we consider sinful - like indulging in homosexual perversions, or miscegenation? At my church, we believe in keeping the White Race pure, as God commanded, so that means no funny business.

Thirdly, saying you hate Jews is not enough. As evil as Jews are, the biggest trick they ever pulled is making the world believe that they are the only people - and indeed, the only objects - capable of spreading misfortune to Aryan Christians everywhere. What about the
Muslims? What about all the spoons which get stuck in people's throats every year, destroying the hopes and futures of countless White children?

Fourthly, some of the more enthusiastic of our congregants do get a little carried away at times.

Yeah, I heard you guys have a thing against spoons. What's that all about?

Spoons are the cutlery of Satan. It's written in the Bible - SPOONS ARE THE CUTLERY OF SATAN, AND ANYONE WHO EATS WITH THEM IS TWICE AS BAD AS THE ONE WHO INVENTED THEM IN THE FIRST PLACE. If you don't believe me, look it up. Spoons are responsible for thousands of deaths every year. They can be used as lethal weapons, and they can lead to fatal accidents. Do you really want this horror, this Trojan horse in your home, waiting to turn on you at any moment?

I eat with a spoon every day and it never does me any harm.

It isn't doing you any harm at the moment, but as soon as you die, you'll go straight to hell for being a filthy spoon-enabler. Trust me on this one - it does not pay to help spoons carry out their sinful tasks. God will hate you for it.

I heard you have like twenty wives or something. Isn't polygamy a sin?

Actually, I only have fourteen wives, and no, it isn't. Plenty of Biblical characters and Christian martyrs had one wife or more, like St Frederick the Frisky. Don't take my word for it - take God's word.

Isn't your church a cult?

No. Members are not brainwashed, join of their own free will, and are free to leave at any time they want, provided, of course, that they set aside for us a small donation, preferably of around ten thousand pounds. That's all that's required, apart from the small monthly deduction we take from every member's credit card, details of which I keep on a central database.

If living according to the rules of God makes us a cult, then plenty of other religious organisations, such as the Scientologists and the Church of Jesus Christ Christian could also be considered cults, too. I would like to take this opportunity to say that anyone repeating the malicious accusation that my church is a cult could face legal action. You have been warned!

You can't be a real Identity Christian as you promote a zionist book on your site. You are a traitor!

Zionism is not the same as Judaism. If we had been promoting a Jewish book, you would have had a point, but we're not. Besides, zionism is helping to destroy the Jews and their so-called religion, so we might as well help it along a little bit, mightn't we? And why shouldn't we learn from the tactics of zionism to prepare for the final battle?

You're making up new books and things that aren't in the Bible.

What are you talking about? These are ancient manuscripts, suppressed by the Satanic Judeo-Masonic Conspiracy that has controlled Christendom for the last 1800 years, prevented from being seen by the world, or they are the continuing work of God through Revelation and Prophecy. It's nothing that other Identity Christians haven't done before. If you are going to call me a liar and a falsifier, making up things to suit my agendas, then call them all liars, too.

Why do you have such a problem with Serbia and Finland? Aren't they White countries as well? I thought they were resisting the New World Order and the Islamisation of Europe?

The filthy, evil Serbs attacked THE AMERICAN EMBASSY. That's a declaration of war on the United States, and with it Britain, (because we're America's greatest and most faithful ally, in case you didn't know). This horrific act will never be forgotten. We have to fight the enemy wherever the enemy is, whether they portray themselves as "white" or not. Besides, our eternal Fuhrer, Adolf Hitler regarded the Serbs as inferior and wanted to kill them all. Aren't you a White Nationalist? If our Great Leader says someone's inferior, then you ought to listen to him and not what the Jew-controlled media tells you, shouldn't you? And the facts PROVE that all Serbs are evil. If they weren't, then why are they hosting that shameless display of debauchery, terrible music and bad haircuts, the Eurovision Song Contest, later this year?

As for Finland. The Finns are possibly the most evil country in Europe, apart from Serbia. For years they have tricked us that the "Scandinavian model" is a worthwhile way to run a country. But do you ever ask what that model is? It is simply a milder version of COMMUNISM, which must be resisted at all costs. The evil Finns have persuaded us that they are "peaceful" and do not involve themselves very much in international relations. But this is simply a cover for their nefarious plans. Among other things, we have uncovered:

A plot to persuade all the world's countries to change their economic system to become like Finland

A Serb/Finnish plot to create Eurodishwashia by bringing inferior Black dishwashers to Europe and causing the deaths of millions of White dishwashers through lack of maintenance and neglect
A conspiracy to change the European Union's name to "Greater Finland" and introduce Finnish as an official language throughout Europe
The secret document, presenting irrefutable proof of this conspiracy, despite being decried as a forgery by the Finnish lobby and their PC shills in the British establishment, "Protocols of the Learned Elders of Helsinki"
A secret plan to bring Britain "closer to Finland" by "improving links between the two countries". What do they mean by this? It MUST be a conspiracy - it's too much of a coincidence!

I'm an Identity Christian, but I have a same sex partner. Would I be welcome in your church?

No. The only place you're welcome is in hell.

I'm sorry, I can't support any of this Christian Identity stuff. It's too racist and hateful. You just seem to hate everyone.

The truth is racist. It's a proven fact that black people have an average IQ of 70. It's a proven fact that the Jews control most of the world's banks and finance. If you're too much of a liberal coward to accept that, then you're going straight to hell. And hate is an emotion granted to us by God, so we might as well use it, and use it as much as possible.

Looks like I've got some things to think about.


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